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Interview went well- why haven't they sent me the assignment?

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silversable Wed 27-Nov-19 18:56:53

Hi had an interview today, which seemed to go really well. Lasted over an hour, they were happy with my work examples, they seemed to like my answers. Before I left, they said they would like me to do some homework for them to see what my writing style is like. They said to send it back to them asap. I didn't ask whether this would be via email, as I presumed it would be. The interview was at 11am this morning, it is now 7pm. I sent them an email a few hours ago, thanking them for their time and checking this would be through email and that I didn't forget to take a paper home with me, hoping this would get some response. I have received nothing in response. I know I am coming across as very eager,as I really want this job. Am I being too stressy about this, or is there likely an issue that is preventing them from going ahead with me?

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Dazedandconfused10 Wed 27-Nov-19 18:58:39

They might be recruiting for 20 different roles so don't worry it not same day. The rush to get offers out this year is well and truly on! Give it 48 hours.

happytoday73 Wed 27-Nov-19 19:00:06

You've chased so now leave it...

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