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legitimate working from home? Are you ?

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cakedecorator Tue 26-Nov-19 18:26:22

So I recently closed a business and have decided to work from home. I've done a lot of product writing and content writing and a little editorial, So I thought I could earn a living doing this. I feel absolutely at the end of my tether with it all. I signed up with clickworker but have so far only earned £16, I signed up with freelancer, but the only job I bid for and actually won turned out not to be anything like they had advertised, and would have taken hours for peanuts , I rejected the job. I signed up with intellizoom for surveys but regularly get half way through a survey and get kicked out for not meeting critera. I signed up with 20cogs, and earned £20 in the first hour, I thought this was great but now it just offers gambling sign ups which I won't do, so it's never going to cash out. I just don't seem to be able to find proper legitimate work and I'm feeling really deflated now. Having worked for myself for a long time, I'm feeling like I am a jack of all trades and master of none, and the only thing I can think to do now is cleaning - I was rejected for stacking shelves because I'm over qualified. I'd rather work from home writing, I have a 6 yr old. Does anyone actually legitimately work from home?

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IWorkAtTheCheesecakeFactory Tue 26-Nov-19 18:31:31

Yes. Ironing in the evenings and weekends.

Celebelly Tue 26-Nov-19 18:36:20

Me. I'm an editor and have run my own business from home for four years now. But it took a lot of work to build up my business to earn what I do now. It took me a year or so of earning basically zilch and a hell of a lot of marketing and networking to build a client base.

PolloDePrimavera Wed 27-Nov-19 13:37:56

There are copywriter jobs, could you do that?

PineappleDanish Thu 28-Nov-19 08:20:06

If you have skills in writing then yes, it's possible to earn a decent amount working from home.

I do writing for a range of different people - everything from blogging about travel insurance to writing quiz questions or travel content. |It has taken a while to build up a good range of clients as so many people out there expect something for nothing, and sites like Clickworker or Fiver don't help as they attract very cheap labour from the developing world and some employers will expect you to match their rates.

Personally I have found people per hour better, but i joined them years back and their commission for new sign-ups is a lot more than I'm paying them. I probably earn about £30 per hour on average but it varies, and I don't work anything like full time.

MeadowHay Thu 28-Nov-19 10:12:40

Pineapple Are you my friend?! If so, don't be outing me on here grin. I was going to say my friend does what you've just said.

Some public and private sector jobs can be done partially from home these days. I work for a law firm and WFH once a week, sometimes more if I could really do with the flex (sympathetic manager). I have a law degree but you don't need one for my job (paralegal-esque) and our admin staff are afforded the same rights to WFH. I have a friend who works for an LA in a grad-entry job who also is able to WFH once or twice a week and has flexitime. Both of of us are low-paid though.

crossroads1 Tue 10-Dec-19 01:18:13

This would be my dream. I am a writer and in earn a decent salary ( I think) at £35k a year before tax. But the backwards way of the bosses where WFH is looked down on and presenteeism is rewarded along with colleagues who are toxic is making me want to pack it in. Ive tried freelancing but the money is not viable to live on - sometimes it can only come up to 1 commission every few months on a few hundred pounds. Im in my early 30s and would like to get married in the next few years and start a family and there is no way I can stick at this job for that long. Whats a gal to do?

Buyitinbamboo Tue 10-Dec-19 02:00:30

Sounds like you could be a virtual assistant? You would need to go out and actively look for clients, lots of networking and linked in. Have a look at the VA Handbook.

BritInUS1 Tue 10-Dec-19 02:03:33

I'm an accountant and tax advisor and work at home

NameChangedNoImagination Tue 10-Dec-19 02:17:27

Upwork. Seriously. I know numerous people who make a living as writers on Upwork.

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