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Finally have training contract

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Waytooearly Mon 25-Nov-19 12:29:45

I've been a paralegal for 20 years. Finished the LPC about a year and a half ago with distinction. Was always planning to do training contract at my old job but at the final moment my boss (who is not a solicitor) panicked at having me leave her department for another "seat", and that was that. Plus a lot of sarky comments about posh solicitors.

Took a leap of faith and got a job at a new firm, better job all around, and when I mentioned a training contract they said, "By all means!"

So I'll be a fully qualified solicitor by the time I'm 51.

I went to post the paperwork today and the two practice managers hugged me.

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TDL2016 Mon 25-Nov-19 20:27:39

Well done. Amazing work getting a training contract.

Racmactac Mon 25-Nov-19 20:29:11

Well done. thanks

Nishky Mon 25-Nov-19 20:29:21

Congratulations! Good Luck with the training contract

Waytooearly Tue 26-Nov-19 04:52:31

Thank you guys.

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Ohwhatbliss Tue 26-Nov-19 05:43:13

That's an incredible effort, well done!

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