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Can a Carer be self employed?

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MiggyInThePiddle Sun 24-Nov-19 14:11:41

My parents are now needing live in care.
We have had reasonable success in arranging carers via an agency, but the constant handovers are very stressful and although the house and facilities are good, not many carers want to be in the area, as it is quiet and not close to a city.

One carer who has enjoyed the 'posting' has said that she would prefer one job and not be moved to new situations all the time. She would like to alternate on a 2-6 monthly basis with another carer. The agency prefers to move them all around and no jobs for longer than a month.

Both these carers are currently self-employed.

Can we engage them on a self employed basis?

They would be live in, we would be happy for them to substitute the other carer.

Or is there no alternative but for us to register as an employer?

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user1497207191 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:56:49

Read the HMRC webpage re employment status. It's you as the "employer" who gets the tax/NIC bill if you get it wrong and engage them as self employed when they're really employed.

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