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Elbowedout Sat 23-Nov-19 02:32:24

I had a call from a friend today telling me that she has applied for a new job and asking if I would give her a character reference. I was caught by surprise a bit and said yes without really thinking it through and I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about it now. We have a shared hobby and belong to the same club and we get along pretty well but I don't know a massive amount about her outside of that. I guess she has asked me because I would be viewed as a reliable, professional person, in the same way that people from our club ask me to sign their passport applications. I don't suspect she has a dark past or anything, I am just not sure what to write! I have written hundreds of professional references in my time, but never a character reference. We don't ask for anything other than professional references in my work place either so I have never even read one. I like her and want to help but wonder now if I should have suggested she asks someone who knows her better. But I've said I will do it now!
Is anyone here involved in recruitment for an organisation that asks for character references? If so, what kind of things are you looking for? In the context of our club I can say things like she is punctual, reliable, welcoming and helpful to newcomers and a good organiser. Is that the right kind of thing, if I pad it out a bit?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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cabbageking Sun 24-Nov-19 23:44:04

You may wish to limit your reference by explaining the extent of the relationship. I have know Name, X years because we attend the same weekly club. I have always found her to be polite, punctual, welcoming etc

They can allocate the appropriate weight to the reference as they see fit.

grisen Sun 24-Nov-19 23:58:37

Done many a character and professional references in my life. My experience is that character references are usually a form you will out where you say on a scale of 1-10 (or whatever) how reliable/honest/caring/etc you think they are. As well as how you know them.

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