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Resign Etiquette

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babbi Tue 19-Nov-19 08:08:51

Wondering if anyone would care to share their thoughts and expectations please ?
I’m in the final stages of discussion with a company re a new position and they have indicated that an offer will be forthcoming in the next 2 weeks or do .

My question is ... all being well and that the terms are acceptable and favourable , I’d like to resign from my current employer giving the required 3 months notice but not tell them where I’m going ?

They will ask and I understand I’m not obliged to tell them however just wondering if anyone had any experience or opinion of this ?
It’s a company in the same industry that we have dealings with and it won’t go down well !
If I refuse to tell them perhaps they’ll put me in garden leave ??

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babbi Tue 19-Nov-19 08:09:20

Sorry .. thoughts and experiences

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BellatrixLestat Tue 19-Nov-19 08:11:21

Is it a competitor?

Hard to advise without knowing what industry you are in

Novia Tue 19-Nov-19 08:14:36

I think it would be a professional courtesy to inform them you are going to a competitor, especially if you work on information that would benefit your new employer. You don't have to say who, but only fair to give them information which allows them to make an informed decision as to whether they want you in the office or on gardening leave. Perhaps it's also an opportunity to leave early if mutually convenient?

babbi Tue 19-Nov-19 08:32:20

Thanks ... sorry ... it’s a supplier to my company .

So good idea .... I can say it’s a supplier but refrain from advising which one ?

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babbi Tue 19-Nov-19 08:34:32

They allowed a previous colleague to work on for the 3 months but they were going to a supplier that we buy from twice a year .
Mine is in our top 2 and buy every single day and I think that is very different!

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Novia Tue 19-Nov-19 08:41:10

I think I'd just say it's a supplier but you don't want to give a name. Out of interest - why wouldn't you give the name though?

babbi Tue 19-Nov-19 08:54:37

Because my boss ( who is erratic and volatile anyway ) will hit the roof !
I manage a team of 10 who are down to 5 so very overstretched and we have had a whole load of new projects landed on us ..
she is teetering on the edge !
( 2 of my team are also looking for jobs and attending interviews)
The recruitment drive will be so difficult for them ... people in the industry smell a rat when a company has so many vacancies at the same time ... and this is not just my department.. it’s almost a walk out 😩

However .. you are correct , I should say which supplier it is because by rights I should cease to manage that supplier immediately.

Thanks for your input

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Novia Tue 19-Nov-19 08:58:07

Best of luck! I think better to bite the bullet, you have every right to find a new position. If he is inappropriate in his response then escalate to HR. Sounds like it might be better to be on gardening leave! Though I've noticed it is often only the men who are put on leave and the women have to do their own succession planning! 😂

flowery Tue 19-Nov-19 08:58:48

If your boss is going to “hit the roof” at you leaving because you’re all over stretched, surely she won’t be worse if you name the supplier as opposed to being cagey about which one?! I would imagine refusal to disclose which supplier you now have a conflict of interest with is likely to further inflame the situation!

Plus of course when your new employer seek references, the cat will be out of the bag anyway!

ELM8 Tue 19-Nov-19 09:06:12

You've probably looked into this but it might be worth checking the contract between your company and supplier to check there isn't a clause on poaching...

babbi Tue 19-Nov-19 09:29:56

Hi ..
No poaching ... I applied for the role so that’s ok .
No need for references from them as I’ve known the directors for many years as it’s a small industry !
They’ll just go to previous employer to tick that box !

And @Novia
So true ... men get to rest for months .. women not so much ..

Thanks all ....
I’ll update you how it goes !

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Novia Mon 02-Dec-19 09:56:29

Babbi - how was it in the end?

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