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JanJC Tue 19-Nov-19 06:55:16

So this is probably more of a rant than seeking advice but I am so annoyed with work!

Currently on maternity leave (baby is 7weeks old)..

My job role, I feel, is quite important and it's a job I've wanted to do fir such a long time, which gave me the courage to do a degree at uni and fulfill my dream of you like.

Given the fact that since starting the role, I have single handily built up the department.. my bosses words too, not just mine!, and brought so much to the organisation in the way of business and the community. And given, and taken on extra roles, without pay increase or appreciation!!
My boss however, hasn't arranged proper cover for my maternity leave. Instead he has given my duties etc to someone who is employed in a different department and has absolutely no qualifications or experience within the sector. To top it off, this person has been given full time hours at my rate of pay... which is something I've been told for over a year that "there's no money to give you full time hours"!!

And yesterday I had a missed call from work.: then a text (from the person covering my job), asking for help with a part of the job role!!

It feels like a kick in the teeth after all my hard work angryangry

I'm honestly thinking of handing in my notice after Christmas and finding a job where I'm fully appreciated for my efforts and work!

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cabbageking Tue 19-Nov-19 13:00:05

I think you need to chill and think "they can't do the job like I can".

Leave them to it and enjoy maternity leave.

You use your KIT days wisely to assess any chaos or problems well before returning and that would be the time to negotiate your job and pay when there is a clear need for your skills.

What they pay her and any arrangements are nothing to do with you.
She will either sink or swim which again is not your problem.

Enjoy the break

LolaSmiles Tue 19-Nov-19 13:06:59

Are they not getting full time hours on a particular rate for doing your duties plus their own job? That's how I understood it anyway. So they're being paid for the two sets of duties, and then when you return you take your part time hours/duties back and they return to their former duties and pay.

You don't need to be involved helping to do parts of the role. You don't need to be contacted by work. If they want that, and you agree, then you can use your KIT days.

Resigning because someone you don't rate has been covering your mat leave seems a bit like spitting your dummy out to me.

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