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Any other lawyers out there?

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Boredfartless Mon 18-Nov-19 14:20:07

Just wanted to get some opinions.

I'm a senior litigator now in a PSL role which I took mainly because I wanted to start a family. Have 1 DC and trying for second. Role is very flexible, 4 days a week and finish late afternoon so get around 3 hours with my DC on a working day (though most of this is dinner/bath/bedtime routine - probs only a 45 mins to an hour of playing etc). No need to check emails evenings/weekends/holidays, nor any expectation I would do so. Not bad pay, but obviously a big drop compared to what I was/could be earning (I was previously main breadwinner, now earn about 4k per annum less than hubby, more if you count bonuses as mine are rubbish and his are half decent). Nice boss/team.

However, I am SO BORED and get really fed up of the ridiculous requests which come from fee earners/some of the tasks I am expected to undertake. But it's the boredom which really gets me.

There is, potentially, the opportunity for me to go back to a fee earning role in next 12 months. Upsides: Will no longer be bored, as will always be busy busy and involved in interesting cases, will earn double what on now, will feel like being taken seriously again. Downsides: Much more pressure, obvs, likely to be working long hours/weekends/holidays, less time with DC/DH.

I feel a bit torn and just don't know what to do. I'm so bored of being bored BUT I appreciate I get time with DC. I really like the DR team at my current firm and so am a bit worried if I turn it down, the opportunity might not arise again for a number of years (i.e. because there might not be a need for a senior fee earner again for a while) and I don't want to leave my firm to go elsewhere.

Do I just suck up the boredom until DC (and any second) in school or should I put not being bored ahead of time with them?

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Boredfartless Thu 21-Nov-19 13:45:17


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