Redundancy or stressful new job?

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mellicauli Sat 16-Nov-19 22:53:25

I am under consultation...there is a chance of a new job which is my job & another rolled into one. So, a great deal more responsibility (think P&L responsibility, answerable to SLT etc) but no extra pay.

The new job is good on paper but the history/company set up means it will make an already complex job worse. I am expecting more stress and longer hours. There wouldn't be much in the way of support.

These external factors mean I am struggling to imagine myself succeeding at the job. After two years of restructuring / consultants in type crap, my tolerance levels are depleted.

I would get 2.5 years pay redundancy. But I am 52, in an industry where younger people rule and previous efforts to get a new job didn't exactly have them queuing at the door.

I have an OK (but not stellar) salary but 28 days hols, 35 hr flexible week & a great final salary pension. My husband is self employed and his business is not doing so well. We need to pay the (big) mortgage til 60 & our children are still at school.

Frankly, I am too scared to stay and too scared to leave. Any ideas? What would you do?

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happychange Sat 16-Nov-19 22:56:03

What happens to your pension if you take the redundancy?

mellicauli Sat 16-Nov-19 23:08:55

I could either take it now at a reduced rate.
If I waited til 65 I would have approx 28k a year (adjusted by inflation). If I carried on working at the company til then I would get 40k a year. My husband has hardly any pension so this is for both of us plus state pension. It's a great pension. But I pay in a lot (20%).

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