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Member345787 Fri 15-Nov-19 19:29:01

Help! I just need some advice please!

DH employed for last 14 months (also worked there for 10 years previously with 12 month break), company owned by a married couple in their 70s (I will call them Mr and Mrs Boss) Business has always had cashflow issues over winter. DH was enticed back to company with pay rise and flexible working hours, but he has always been looking for other jobs as we knew it was risky.

Twice this year, he has been paid late (say 7-10 days after pay day) and we have managed by using our savings until his pay arrived.

Just before November pay date, Mr Boss was suddenly taken to hospital in a critical condition. There is no money in the business account to pay the staff, and the only way it could be resolved would be by moving money from other accounts. Turns out Mr Boss is the only one with access to these accounts but Mrs Boss reassuring the staff that she would borrow/move money from elsewhere so salary will be paid "tomorrow".

Tomorrow has come and gone multiples times now with no salaries paid. Mrs Boss 'fessed up today that HMRC have frozen the business bank account until an outstanding debt is paid, and salaries cannot be paid until Wednesday next week.

Help! What can we do? DH has already told Mrs Boss that he has to leave each day at 2pm to do school pick up as we cannot afford childcare until he is paid. Does he have to go in to work - what if we can't afford petrol?

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BritInUS1 Sat 16-Nov-19 01:20:00

Call ACAS Monday morning for advice

flowerpot6 Tue 19-Nov-19 18:54:49

Things are really bad for them if HMRC have frozen their accounts. I would tell DH to find a new job urgently.

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