Is there such a thing as a good laptop for reducing pain while typing?

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cinnabunbun Wed 13-Nov-19 22:45:44

I'm writing about 3-4000 words a day on my cranky old laptop at the moment and my hands are starting to get really sore. Is there such a thing as a lap top with soft cushioned keys?

I need to stick to laptop rather than a proper keyboard for portability as can't work from home much. Any tips on brands or what to look for gratefully received!

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BritInUS1 Thu 14-Nov-19 03:56:09

I'd buy a proper laptop and wrist rest to plug in to the laptop

cinnabunbun Thu 14-Nov-19 07:31:10

Is there much variety out there with the feel of the keyboard on laptops?

Off to google wrist rests now..

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EleanorReally Thu 14-Nov-19 07:39:16

have you got the laptop at the right level, are you sitting correctly?

WhoKnewBeefStew Thu 14-Nov-19 07:50:11

If you're at a desk I'd buy a proper keyboard and just plug it in. Leave your laptop open, it'll just be a bit further away

cinnabunbun Thu 14-Nov-19 10:40:30

Has anyone tried a Moko foldable keyboard? It has come up a couple of times in my googling and has something called scissor switch under the keys for efficient typing. Not heard this term before. Does it make the keys softer?

Not sure if I need the whole RSI package as it's literally just the distal joint on my pointer and index fingers that hurt.

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ErrolTheDragon Thu 14-Nov-19 10:45:14

Can you get a dock, proper keyboard and properly positioned monitor for when you can work at home?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 14-Nov-19 10:49:08

Focus on wrist supports and getting your hands into the right position - keyboards themselves don't differ enough to make a difference.

redchocolatebutton Thu 14-Nov-19 10:52:49

external keyboard is what's needed.
ideally a wavy one to take strain of wrists.
and a box to get the monitor in a good position for a better posture. that also helps with strain on shoulder and arms.

InOtterNews Thu 14-Nov-19 12:04:07

I use a laptop riser which has made a massive difference both in terms of wrist pain but also neck/shoulders

I don't use a wrist rest but probably should

I don't find using a separate keyboard helps massively, it's more about posture and positioning of arms

INeedNewShoes Thu 14-Nov-19 12:08:38

You need a peripheral keyboard. Avoid the flat, compact ones. You want one with little feet at the back to angle it and soft spongy keys to reduce impact. I’ve got a ‘Microsoft wired 600’.

There is no way I could type all day on my laptop keyboard.

Really you would benefit from using a separate monitor screen as well so that you can position it at the right level.

Laptops are horrible for backs/wrists/hands.

cinnabunbun Thu 14-Nov-19 13:27:18

Amazing tips here. Thanks so much!

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