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Ideas for job change

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Unicornshorn Tue 05-Nov-19 20:11:49

I've been with my current employer for over 14 years and have worked my way up to a managers post. It's charity work so I develop projects, fundraise, strategic planning and manage staff. I don't really enjoy the people management aspect plus the insecurity caused by funding issues. I think what I most enjoy is the creative side and setting up new projects and programmes. I would not want to do full time fundraising. I'm thinking about a complete career change although don't know if I just need a change of workplace! I find some team members very draining and negative. I would do some training to up skill, but not sure I would do further university study. Does anyone have any experience of moving out of the charity sector with these skills? Thanks

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lljkk Tue 05-Nov-19 20:19:50

Events management? Corporate hospitality. Hotel work. Venues like sports or entertainment centres.

Theresa17 Tue 05-Nov-19 22:20:02

Hi @Unicornshorn
I’ve not worked in the charity sector myself, but from everything you describe, I would say you have brilliant transferable skills. I would start with some exploration around industries you would be particularly interested in being involved in, as you can use your preferred skills in so many different settings. I would start with a really long list with EVERY idea on it. Try to be really open minded and don’t limit yourself at this stage by thinking “oh this is unrealistic” or “I could never do this”. Then go through your list and try to choose a maximum of three to five ideas. Maybe some things you rather keep as a hobby or don’t seem as interesting after some initial research. Once you have narrowed this down a little you can then do more detailed research, maybe reach out to people in the industry to find out more and even check to see if some extra training would be needed or not. Also, as you said you are not sure if it is more a change of work place you need, I would definitely explore this further before you decided to jump ship into a different industry. It is a really personal (and tricky) choice to decide how to handle a potential job / career change. You could start by exploring options in your current industry and see if you could actually get excited about possibilities. You have made a really good start by defining more what you really like and dislike about your current role. I would go into a lot of detail with this. You could make a love it / loath it list and carry it around with you for a few days to add anything about your current work that falls into either category. It helps to become clearer on the detail (e.g. maybe you actually enjoy managing some of your staff, just not all of them). Filter out the things you really want to have in a new role to make it worth a move, and what you really want to avoid next time. Then do the same for “general requirements” like pay, travel, location, hours etc. What are your non-negotiables? Once you have your clear parameters you will find it a bit easier to filter through different ideas and job options. Good luck!

Unicornshorn Tue 05-Nov-19 23:21:34

Thanks very much that's brilliant advice and suggestions. I really need some time without distractions to map things out so hopefully I can do this soon. Maybe it is about trying a different focus/ structure within the charity sector first before ruling it out completely. I am quite interested in working "on the other side" as a funding manager but not sure my experience is strong enough or indeed how to build this. Lots to think about! Thanks again.

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NHC2019 Wed 06-Nov-19 10:52:15

You are obviously good with people so why not try something new in property sales? Work for yourself at your own pace. Or how about some marketing and PR?
I have just started my business and could do with some help if you want something part-time whilst you get yourself something that you are happy with smile

Unicornshorn Wed 06-Nov-19 16:22:56

Hi that's very kind of you, I'm afraid part of the reason I think I want out is due to the high level of unpaid overtime to fundraise so it leaves little free time to pursue other things, being a parent too. I can't afford to take a huge drop in wages either so this is a barrier with some options. I do like the property sales idea will have to do some research. Thanks very much for your help.

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amyt84 Mon 11-Nov-19 13:02:43

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