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Off sick during qualifying period for mat leave

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Pretendbookworm Sun 03-Nov-19 07:32:48

I work in the NHS and have done for years so entitled to their enhanced maternity pay. I’m currently off sick for 1 week during the 8 week qualifying period. Would that affect my pay at the end?

I’m asking because I’m feeling much better and considering asking if I can come in for the night shift tonight but unsure whether it would be better to have another days rest or go in because of the pay.

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Tableclothing Sun 03-Nov-19 07:35:03

My Trust policy states that they treat it as "notional full sick pay" when it comes to calculating mat pay. I could be wrong, but I think that means you don't get penalised for being ill while pregnant.

GaaaaarlicBread Sun 03-Nov-19 07:37:07

@pretendbookworm I work for the nhs too and have done for 6 years . I’ve not had M/L yet as we are still TTC but I’ve had sick leave before and worked with people in your situation . Firstly I recommend resting today and don’t go to work until you’ve had a full days rest of feeling ‘better’. Because you may feel ok now but if you rush straight back you may have to be off even longer .
But yes I think it it’s into your leave . You’re only covered if you’re sick whilst pregnant , they don’t count that as being unreasonable sickness as it’s due to pregnancy , the same as you’re usually covered and don’t have to see HR if you have a long term medical condition . It’s only a week though, surely that’s not going to effect your pay drastically as you’ll get statutory sick pay ? X

GaaaaarlicBread Sun 03-Nov-19 07:38:46

Oh I see @Tableclothing, I misinterpreted it and thought she was no longer pregnant and wanting to go back to work to prevent the pay issue . Sorry OP ! Ignore my comment

Pretendbookworm Sun 03-Nov-19 08:01:33

@Tableclothing I guess that makes sense because if it was pregnancy related it would be discrimination I supposed.

I have a chest infection and I’ve still got a few more days of antibiotics. The doctor told me that it depends how I feel but his advice would be to rest, same for family’s advice but I’m just worried about losing pay.

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cabbageking Sun 03-Nov-19 14:31:56

SSP payments can reduce the qualifying average for SMP. The reason for the sickness doesn't matter when it is based on qualifying income or NI.

If you are paid as usual then it won't make any difference to anything.

It depends on the trust for enhanced.

Pretendbookworm Sun 03-Nov-19 15:34:43

@cabbageking I don’t get SSP I get sickness pay, it’s usually the same or better than my normal pay. I’m not sure if it’s enhanced or not but last time I was off sick for a few weeks my pay seemed the same and I work permanent nights.

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