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Has anybody retrained as a teacher from wildly different career?!

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crispycrisis Thu 31-Oct-19 10:28:21

Has anyone retrained as a teacher from a completely different career path?!

butterflywings37 Fri 01-Nov-19 13:34:28

I am a teacher - I leave home at 6:45am ( to get into work for 7:20am. Work through lunch and breaks.I leave work about 4:30 to get home for about 5:15 ( traffic reasons). I then do about 3-4 hours per evening at home. I won't work on a Friday night but I do work about 7-10 hours on a weekend day ( I make sure I have one day with no work).
This is how I have always worked both in mainstream primary and now in a sen school and I am an experienced teacher.

The work/life balance in term time is poor. Holidays do make it bearable but I work every holiday - never have a full holiday 'off'. This half term I have already worked for about 20 hours and need to do another day to get my planning etc ready for Monday.

However I love teaching - I love being in the classroom but don't love the politics, budget cuts (meaning low support and resources) or the workload/hours.

bookishtartlet Fri 01-Nov-19 16:38:57

I'm secondary English, have been teaching 9 years.

The school makes the difference. I'm certainly not marking and planning every night any more. I do lots of peer and self assessment, as well as assessment is for learning activities and chat to pupils regularly during class work to see if they are struggling. I only mark maybe 3 or 4 long pieces a term per class.

Certain points of the year are busier than others. I can request time to see my son's nursery play etc.

If you have a sense of humour, decent organisation and can be flexible then the job is great. The first two years were really intense, but it's paid off for me.

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