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Avon for extra money is it worth it

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Thinkcalmthoughts Wed 30-Oct-19 16:14:05

Currently out of work due to wanting more hours and ending up in a job that wasnt right for me now signing on
Had 3 interviews 2 I'm awaiting on and applied for more jobs all with a decent amount of hours to give my self more money as saving for a wedding and a house etc

Was thinking once I've got a new job would avon be worth taking up for a little bit of extra cash?

I've done it years old when I was 18 but never worked as didnt have many folk to hand book too and the area i posted the books too just wasnt for buying anything
Now i have loads of people i know that will probably take a book plus can hand books to future mother in law to hand out in her work etc

Anyone here that does avon and works and is it worth it?

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PollyShelby Wed 30-Oct-19 16:44:00

I don't think my sister made any money at all last year. She doesn't do it anymore.

inwood Wed 30-Oct-19 16:46:04

No it's not worth it.

IamHyouweegobshite Wed 30-Oct-19 16:51:11

I've done it twice, once when I was 19 and when I was about 36 for 3 years. Not worth the effort, I made no money, its a pita if you're not there for delivery having to go to a central place, no one buys anything in Jan, the books come out to often that the customers used to get annoyed. Nah I would leave it.
I've been looking at amazon flex, although my dh isn't keen on me doing this..

stucknoue Wed 30-Oct-19 17:03:38

I made about £300 a month but I was in a village with lots of older people, they mostly seemed to want to feed my kids biscuits. Was a few years ago

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