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Negotiating T’s & C’s

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Wrongdissection Sun 27-Oct-19 23:04:42

I come from a background of working in the public sector, specifically the NHS. I’m used to seeing a job and knowing that you get the pay that’s offered, no negotiating and usually the terms are along the lines of flog you to death and no extras. (I kid, a bit...)

Anyway I have seen the most perfect job for me, I tick all the boxes and could bring something completely new to an organisation that has been heavily criticised and are trying to change in an area I have experience of. However it’s based in London and I am not.

I have enquires about the possibility of home working and they have advised that home working would be possible but at least one day per week must be spent in the (London) office.

My question is I guess, is that something I could negotiate on firstly and secondly if it was non negotiable is it something I could get them to agree to pay for (train into the capital/accommodation for overnighters?) This is an organisation that regularly sends staff around the UK so has established systems in place for travel and accommodation etc. I just don’t want to go for it and then have to negotiate something that would never be agreed.

Anyone with more experience than me know about this sort of thing?

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Wrongdissection Wed 30-Oct-19 09:03:59

Just wondering if there is anyone who knows about this stuff?

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SlimmingWorldNovice Wed 30-Oct-19 09:11:25

Hi there,
A few things to cover here - if your place of work in your contract was a London address, I would expect any reimbursement for travel to and from this address would be a taxable benefit in kind and your employer would put it on your annual P11D. I expect they may want to undertake a risk assessment before agreeing a remote working solution - taking into account data protection, health and safety etc.
It’s definitely worth asking, most people I interview ask about these sorts of arrangements.
Hope this helps a little.

Wrongdissection Wed 30-Oct-19 09:42:59

Thank you SWN. That’s really helpful to know that it’s something that people ask regularly. Coming from a background where nothing is negotiable it’s impossible to know if I would be considered to be a piss taker.

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maxelly Fri 01-Nov-19 12:19:18

Within reason, pretty much anything 'can' be on the table for negotiation, different companies will have different things they are and aren't prepared to change for you but you can only ask. I think on the whole people are too nervous to ask the question (perhaps for fear of seeming demanding or as though they don't want the job) and people should be much more upfront.

My guess would be if they have specified at least one day in London they mean that (it may not need to be the same day every week if that helps, or perhaps it could be that you are physically in the office 10-4 and work on the train 9-10 and 4-5 on London days, plenty of companies are OK with this arrangement although if you work with v sensitive info potentially not?). Possibly when you are more established in the role you could reduce London time, but I think you probably do need to commit to at least an average of a day a week most weeks.

Travel/accommodation potentially could be covered, it may or may not be taxable (probably would be if it is a regular part of your working week)... I don't think you are being cheeky to ask at this stage, good to get the facts out there.

Wrongdissection Fri 01-Nov-19 14:40:44

Thank you Maxelly, it’s really helpful to know this is a possibility as it is so far out of my comfort zone!

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Wrongdissection Wed 06-Nov-19 11:42:19

Well I submitted an application so fingers crossed!

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