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Is my manager a bad manager?

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wobblywibble Thu 24-Oct-19 22:44:18

So I'm the only sales person in my team which is then part of a larger division. My boss has recently been promoted from head of sales in our little team to head of sales of the division. I've always struggled with his organisation but recently other things have started to bother me;
- arranging meetings with prospects I've been trying to arrange instead of passing them over
- involved in every case I do....I'm bloody good at my job so he doesn't have to check anything, it's more like he wants to be involved in case we win it so he can take credit
- having his own prospects but then dumping them on me last minute because he's so busy with his new role
- very little thanks or well done when something goes well
- shooting down every idea because it's been done before and didn't work
- I've been asking about career progression since I came back from mat leave and he just says we'll talk next week (next week has happened about three times now)
- doesn't manage internal staff and their work priorities so they moan to me when I'm in

On thé plus side he's a really nice guy, flexible, easy to get on with etc

I've had many conversations with him about how the above can't carry on but nothing changes. It's come to a head this week when I ended up venting to another senior manager who discovered I didn't have objectives in place or had a formal 121 for the last six months. He's had no choice but to talk to my managers manager eeeek

I'm now in a situation where I've been offered another great (but scary) job with a big pay rise but I don't know what to do. I feel like I can't do any job without having to run it past my manager so my confidence is at an all time low.

I love the rest of my team and my job but the frustrations with my manager have peaked! Does he sound like a terrible boss or just normal?

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customerisqueen Thu 24-Oct-19 23:01:31

I think you know the answer! Sounds like he has a lot to learn. Good that's he's a nice guy but doesn't sound like great manager.

Don't really see connection between him and the problem re being offered a new job? Is the job in same company?

QueenEnid Thu 24-Oct-19 23:11:00

He doesn't sound like a great manager to me either. He might be a nice person but nice people don't necessarily equal great bosses.

I didn't realise until relatively recently just how badly a poor management team can affect even the most confident person.

Take the new job. X

Jent13c Thu 24-Oct-19 23:16:19

I had to work under a micro manager for 3 months and lost all confidence in my abilities. I was shocked at how it changed me, I enjoyed and was good at my job but dreading every day and felt like I knew nothing in such a short space of time. Thankfully it was a very short placement and I was out from under her but if I were you and got a chance to move on I absolutely would as quick as possible.

NoProblem123 Sat 26-Oct-19 09:37:52

Take the job.

I’d rather a good manager than a nice guy who can’t manage.
You not there to make nice friends, you want to get on by the sound of it.

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