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To stay or leave now

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Flowerpot26 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:48:54

Hi I posted the other week about what to do with my work life, everything feels like it's up in the air with stuff, after personal sadness, but this week's thoughts are?

I returned to work pt in May when baby was 1, now nearly 18m, ive a good job but not one I want to do forever , it bores me and I feel my skills lay elsewhere but apreacite I'm lucky to have a job, but dilemma is, we're ready to try for number 2! I really wanted to stick my job out and have the maternity pay as its good, and then maybe take an official career break or leave after maternity and see if I can get a job I'm happy in.
But husband just said is it worth it? Won't you have to go back for a certain amount of months after maternity or pay it back? Which is right, so am I better leaving now less stress, enjoy pregnancy if were lucky to fall and spend extra time with my first, or best to stick it out. We can manage if I quit I have just always worked and like my own money and can treat us more and babies are expensive. But not sure what to do.

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