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Paycut for more fulfilling job?

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InsomniacDormouse Thu 17-Oct-19 22:39:41

Hello all. Two part question here, sorry if it is long! I'm looking to change job and I've seen a position which would be more fulfilling and interesting than my current one and which I think I stand a chance of getting. However the pay is 2.5k less than I'm on now (26 vs 28.5 but there should be opportunities to advance which I don't have now) . Am I mad to consider it?

The next part: the same charity has another, quite different role which I am mostly but not fully qualified for. This role is better paid than my current job. Which do I go for? Given that there are seperate contacts for each position, should I apply for both?

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Theresa17 Sun 20-Oct-19 14:41:31

Hi @InsomniacDormouse
You are definitely not mad to consider the roles! A pay cut can be a bit scary, but if you can handle it financially and get something else (e.g. a more enjoyable role) in return it is definitely worth considering. And if you have opportunities to advance over time and don't have that now you can even make a good financial case for it. Think about what your children will see. A mum who is knows she deserves a happy career, knows it is possible and is willing to put the effort in :-)
It is a tricky one with looking at two roles, but if they both look interesting and you really like the organisation than I would definitely ask about both. If you have contact details, see if you can arrange an informal conversation about the opportunities and what they are looking for. If you think you are mostly qualified then you could very well have a chance (depending on the competition and what the company feels is strictly necessary before you start - which is where a conversation before you apply is useful). Focus on the skills and experiences you already have and how they mean you can do the new role. There is a lot of evidence that men are much more likely to apply for, and get, roles that they don't actually meet all the requirements on paper for, compared to women. We seem to think we need to be all the way there before thinking about it ( I know I often feel like that...). If you think you could do the job well, then you "just" need to convince the company of that too.
If you decide to apply for both roles, make sure you include something in the application that shows how much you want to work for this organisation (do your research to make sure you do :-). This way they are more likely to see two applications as a sign of commitment to the organisation, if the two departments realise you are applying for two things.
Good luck!

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