Any HR/Recruitment people to help me with this covering letter question? I don't want to disclose my salary at this stage

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WingDefence Wed 16-Oct-19 15:43:17

Thanks all. I definitely wouldn’t lie - I deal with ethics in my profession so it wouldn’t even cross my mind!

Yes I agree that they have requested it so I can’t put that, which is why I wondered whether I could put ‘on offer of position’ or something. It’s so frustrating.

An HR manager wouldn’t look at it and discount me because of the difference in salary would they? Ie would they think I clearly wasn’t experienced or qualified for the position? (Hopefully my CV will bear me out on that.)

Thanks again all - I’ll try to think of a way I can word stating my previous positions/experience to explain the low current amount.

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naturistmum Wed 16-Oct-19 15:37:48

I'd put your last 3 salary's and an explanation as to the drop in pay and state that you'd like the opportunity to explain further in an interview.

Personally, as a HR manager, I'd prefer to see a candidate who can see the bigger picture to pursue the career she/he wants (including taking a pay cut). I appreciate that this isn't something that everyone can afford to do but it shows you have a strategic focus on your personal development and

flowery Wed 16-Oct-19 15:35:13

Oh please ignore the advice to lie. Hopefully you’re not that stupid.

flowery Wed 16-Oct-19 15:34:38

You can’t say it’s available in request- they have requested it!

If they’ve specifically asked for something, don’t ignore that. Just answer the question as you have here. In any case, a 20% increase when moving to a new job isn’t a particularly big jump anyway.

managedmis Wed 16-Oct-19 15:33:22

Just lie

WingDefence Wed 16-Oct-19 15:29:44

Hi - I'm applying for a job and the application page states that in the covering letter, applicants must confirm their current package and bens.

Trouble is, I've taken a couple of pay cuts recently when changing jobs (for good reason, I really wanted the positions) and were in a different, lower-paid, sector so my current salary is about 20% less than the advertised salary for this vacancy. I have done this type of position before so I know I can do the job though.

Can I put something in the covering letter along the lines of 'salary and benefit details confirmed upon request/offer of position' or will that be totally frowned upon?

Any advice massively welcomed - closing date is Friday.

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