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Wobblywobble321 Wed 16-Oct-19 10:05:10

Thanks for the replies.

@maxelly thanks, that is what I was asking. Your post is helpful, I was concerned about telling them what they already know but that makes sense.

@Countrylifeornot no I'm a non clinician in a non clinical role and hope to move over to a clinical role. I have a qualification that I don't use currently. This qualification is a requirement of the role. There is then further training to achieve the required knowledge to register with the HCPC. The role is a band 6.After achieving the required knowledge and passing the exams to register with the hcpc I'm then expected to apply for the next role up and move on from the training role into a fully qualified role which are band 7 roles.

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Countrylifeornot Tue 15-Oct-19 18:42:10

Eh? You're a clinician in a non clinical role but your quals are still relevant and up to date? Sorry I'm confused, what are the roles OP?

FawnDrench Tue 15-Oct-19 18:33:35

I'm not clear exactly what you are asking as you say you already have the relevant qualification but then mention training.

If it's a trainee role which then "transfers" into a qualified role, the differences would be in supervision, accountability, responsibility etc which would increase exponentially with the grade or qualification.

But surely this would be at a different grade?
Unless you're talking about preceptorship or something like that.

maxelly Tue 15-Oct-19 12:07:14

It doesn't matter that they already know the answer, they want to check that you do too - think of it like an exam, you wouldn't worry about boring the examiner with things they already know as the point is to show your knowledge!

I would do something like outline your understanding of the key tasks the role would be completing on a day to day basis and also more of the purpose/aims behind the role, e.g. for a Healthcare Assistant the tasks might be assisting patients to eat, toilet, personal care etc. and the purpose/aims would be to ensure they feel comfortable, supported, dignified etc in order to aid recovery and improve patient experience? I am guessing the reason behind the question is to ensure applicants understand some of the more mundane/unpleasant tasks associated with the role and/or that they understand the difference between their role and other staff on the team e.g. what nurses do, doctors do etc as opposed to HCAs?

good luck!

Wobblywobble321 Mon 14-Oct-19 20:22:53

I'm applying for a clinical based NHS role. I have the relevant qualifications for the role but it's a move from my current role which is non clinical.
One of the points on the personal specification asks for me to show my understanding of the role and understand of the next role when training has been completed.
Anyone have any tips on how I show this? I've completed the other parts of the application but I'm struggling with this point. How do I show that I understand what the role is without stating what they already know?

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