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NoProblem123 Fri 18-Oct-19 23:00:32

2 words - competent and confident!
If you’re not both of these for any task inform your line manager straight away so they can arrange suitable training.

Their budget deficit is not your problem.

cabbageking Wed 16-Oct-19 23:56:22

Painting.Replacing loose screws. Unblocking toilets. Clearing sick stains. Ensuring areas are safe around electrics. Anywhere the children or staff might get hurt. Nails, slips, removing broken window glass, tapping down carpet. Anything to make the school safe even if someone else is to do additional work. Board up window. etc. There may be a time delay in getting the workman and you would need to ensure nothing can hurt anyone in the meantime.

tadpole73 Mon 14-Oct-19 17:44:59

I've been offered a job as an infant school caretaker and the role involves undertaking minor repairs to property, fixtures, fittings and equipment. Being a lady whose never done DIY, I'm concerned! What type of thing would this entail please?
I've worked within a College's Estates Team before organising contractors, maintenance checks, knowledge of basic H&S etc, and as this infant school hasn't had anyone as a caretaker for nearly 3 months and I was the only one that applied, they seem relieved someone will be locking/unlocking the school again instead of the teachers. However, the requirement to undertake minor repairs worries me.
They did say for larger issues ie leaky radiators etc they have an Approved Supplier list and that anything I felt was beyond me they would get someone in to do, but equally, they went on to say they had no money - so I felt that for minor repairs I'd be stuck doing - whatever they are.

Is there anyone who could advise what minor repairs they could be taking about? Thanks

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