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Social work - what next?

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metaz Thu 10-Oct-19 08:39:25

Having spent a number of years working in adults social work, I'm desperate for a new career. High caseloads, stress, complex cases with few resources have all had a significant impact on my interest in this area.

The question is: what on earth can I next apply for? Are there any roles that aren't as stressful but would welcome an application? Late 50s so not sure retraining is an option at this stage either.

runningtogetskinny Thu 10-Oct-19 11:46:33

Have you thought about inspecting residential homes, e.g. Ofsted, Reg 44?

metaz Thu 10-Oct-19 12:24:17

No, I haven't - but that's a good suggestion actually. Any idea of how I'd access such a role? Would I need further training?

runningtogetskinny Thu 10-Oct-19 17:31:10

I think they recruit fairly regularly, depending where you are in the country. I'm fairly sure all training is provided - I'm currently part of the management team in a residential home for teenagers but might well follow this route for my last few years

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 10-Oct-19 17:32:37

What about working in social housing? A Neighbourhood Housing Officers job would really benefit from the experience you have.

historysock Fri 11-Oct-19 06:37:48

Become a registered manager of a care or support service? Uses your skills and experience but if you manage a small ish one-10 beds or flats say, then that's your caseload right there, and as a social worker it will feel like a walk in the park!

Benes Fri 11-Oct-19 06:56:46

Careers adviser? You'd need to retrain but they'd welcome someone with your skills and experience.

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