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Easy wind down to retirement or a new challenge?

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LoyaltyBonus Wed 09-Oct-19 20:11:30

I'm 50 next year and financially, expect to be in a position where retirement is possible in about 7 years' time.

I'm not desperate to give up work but I'm not enjoying my current job.

I took on a new challenging job 3 years' ago. The organisation really needed me to get a lot of things sorted, they knew this, which is why they appointed me. They love me smile I'm pretty much autonomous, if I need to "work from home" I can and it's very local to home, very keen on work-life balance, I'm home by 4:40 most days.

However, I've done the job I was appointed to do and my department now runs completely smoothly. Although they don't realise it, they don't need me anymore. If I was to leave, I would advise them not to replace me, certainly not on the salary the're paying me.

I could carry on taking the salary until I retire, I could probably negotiate P-T hours if I wanted to, but I'm getting nothing from it (except the salary and an easy life) anymore.

I've seen an interesting job advertised, it's a "big" job and I'm quite excited at the prospect although it's entirely possible I;d find myself out of my depth. I't a 50/60 commute and it's a lot more money, but I don't "need" more money. I possibly do need more challenge in my life.

DC have both recently finished education and whilst living at home, aren't around much. DH has a long commute, so when I get in at 4:30, I'm on my own for 1.5-2 hours anyway. Friends are generally commuting too.

I may well regret going from not enough to do to a life of high stress. I had a job like that when I was younger and ended up completely burned out but I don't think I'd let it do that to me again now.

Anyway, I might not get this job but there will be other adverts. Realistically, if I'm going to take on another challenge, the clock is ticking because of my age.


Tumbleweed101 Thu 10-Oct-19 16:59:40

Can you stick with your current job and look for a more challenging hobby/interest out of work that you can carry on as you reach retirement?

LoyaltyBonus Thu 10-Oct-19 19:50:13

Probably but I've tried that before, when my DC were small I did a lot of volunteering but it never seemed quite to purposeful as a "proper" job

Tifannylamp Thu 10-Oct-19 20:02:12

Go for it and make the decision if they offer you the job.
Rust-out is harder to cope with than burnout (not that you will burn out, you know how to protect yourself now).
Good luck and well done for getting to this position. smile

ProfYaffle Thu 10-Oct-19 20:11:18

7 years is a long time to be bored. I'm only a couple of years younger than you, work in HR in an environment where people tend to hang on for the pension for the last decade or so. The amount of bitterness/resentment/unhappiness is breathtaking. Don't get sucked into that.

LoyaltyBonus Thu 10-Oct-19 21:07:38

I love "rust-out" I haven't heard that expression before.

Yes ProfYaffle, managing people just waiting to retire has been one of the biggest challenges/most miserable aspects of my current job.

itsboiledeggsagain Thu 10-Oct-19 21:10:58

I am a bit younger than you but in a similar position job wise. My kids are young though.

I think some people are just not made for an easy life. I'm not good at not having much to do.

So my recommendation is go big.

Tifannylamp Thu 10-Oct-19 21:26:59

Also, don't be so sure that you'll want to retire at all.
I love being busy and challenged, I could retire next year just shy of 60 and I'm frightened to death at the prospect. I probably won't do it but may go part-time.

quincejamplease Thu 10-Oct-19 21:33:54

I did a lot of volunteering but it never seemed quite to purposeful as a "proper" job

That's a bit of a sad way to view and experience life. Not that whatever your volunteering was wasn't right for you but that you've never managed to find a sense of purpose outside of paid employment.

Also, why do you want to retire and how do you plan to fill your time then if the only way you know how to feel purposeful is from paid employment?

NaturalBornWoman Thu 10-Oct-19 21:46:18

I was drawn to this post as I'm in exactly the same position, although I'm a bit older. I'm interviewing for the next big job tomorrow but if they offer it will be a massive decision, 1 hr 15 mins commute instead of 40 mins, but I'm bored stiff and losing my mind. I hope you figure out the right thing for you.

Tifannylamp Fri 11-Oct-19 10:51:31

Quince - you make a great point about sense of purpose.
Women of our generation are on uncharted waters. For those of us who've had busy careers, we're used to the validation that comes from that and I'm personally struggling to think about what would replace the buzz and challenge even though I could retire soon. Work represents status and recognition as well as income.
I think that challenge is harder for women because we become increasingly invisible as we age.
No-one blinks an eyelid at men carrying on work until 65, 70 or beyond (mainly because, unfairly, they had to do so).

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