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How to become a teaching Assistant?

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chloedee123 Wed 09-Oct-19 11:57:42

Hi, I was wondering if any of you have made the transition into being a teaching Assistant with maybe not qualifications in education?

Ive always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in school, (I'm 29 now) However, life took over,I found the man of my nightmares, got pregnant and worked in retail ever since. My Daughter is now 7 and I feel like its time now to really kick start the career I always dreamt of having. But I have no idea where to start. I have a few A/S level qualifications, apart from that I have nothing.

Any advice on where to start with all this from any one?

Thanks very much!!

AllGoodDogs Thu 10-Oct-19 22:55:46

I know a few friends who have done this. Most have done a part time college course alongside so many hours per week in voluntary placement.

The only TAs I know who don't have a formal qualification got the job many years ago. Now a days it's so competitive you'd be very unlikely to get a job without at least having begun a college course in it.

fedup21 Thu 10-Oct-19 22:59:35

I’m a teacher who interview for TA recruitment. Some have done a TA level 3 qualification , but many haven’t.

I would suggest volunteering in a local school and going from there. Look at local college courses if you are still keen to get a qualification and go from there.

Bigearringsbigsmile Thu 10-Oct-19 23:04:00

Definitely start off volunteering. You may find you absolutely hate it! It's not an easy job!
I volunteered for 3 full days a week. Studied for a level three qualification in supporting teaching and learning.
I already had a degree.

Start off by finding a voluntary role.

RaininSummer Thu 10-Oct-19 23:53:46

You can do an apprenticeship for Supporting Teaching and learning in schools. It doesn't matter how old you are. Look at local colleges and training providers.

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