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Thinking of starting a cleaning business

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myweechickens Mon 07-Oct-19 09:52:46

Hi all

I'm currently a facilities supervisor which basically means that I clean a large gym, changing rooms, deep clean, cover night shifts when people are sick etc. My issue with this is that although I enjoy my job sometimes, I feel that I don't earn enough for it (NMW). My husband had a stroke in June and isn't able to work, he was self employed so we have no income. I was talking to my sister and mentioned that I could probably earn more starting my own cleaning business, what I'm wondering about though is would I need a disclosure? For those of you who have cleaners, are you happy with them coming in when your not at home? It's just an idea at the moment but thought I'd come on here for some advice. I really need to earn more money, I have 2 children who are in primary 1 and 3, my son has autism so I need to be around at home time as the challenge for my husband is too much at the moment. I also have 2 teens in high school and we all know what they are like 🙄. I think they feel that our bank accounts limitless at times.

Thanks in advance everyone

Countrylifeornot Mon 07-Oct-19 09:56:40

You'd probably get more clients if you had a disclosure yes, will it be a problem for you to get one?

myweechickens Mon 07-Oct-19 09:58:34

@Countrylifeornot no not at all, I wasn't sure if it was something that would be required if I was going into peoples homes.

Skinnydogfatcat1 Mon 07-Oct-19 10:12:47

I think good reliable cleaners are hard to find. With ours trust was built up over time and then we handed the keys to her. I trust her explicitly.
I am not sure what a disclosure is but we started with an agency then we employed a previous cleaner who had been away.
We pay over the odds.

Remember you need to get between jobs, so factor that in and it will take a while to get your customers so you might need to do both jobs for a while. Also think about offering an ironing service where you can take do it at home. Charge per hour.

If self employed you will not get paid for your holidays and your customer holidays. Though we have our cleaner come in when we are away.

Good luck with everything

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