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To be a parent working part time - how much work do you do “out of hours”?

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Changednamealready Sun 06-Oct-19 17:08:09

I work for the nhs and an finding I’m bringing a lot of work home. I am sure I need to get better at time management and assertiveness whilst in work but finding it a real struggle to stay on top of things. I have a list of things to do and when back in work a load of new issues arise. It’s the same for others I work with.

Just wondering if anyone else is working Part time and if in other jobs there is that expectation to do a bit out side hours (my work day there isn’t but there is!)

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Changednamealready Sun 06-Oct-19 17:09:36

To add to this even working three days a week I find it hard to stay on top of school stuff and being a good mum... i am sure there are lots that feel this way but would be great to share on this platform for peer support.

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blackcat86 Sun 06-Oct-19 17:12:43

I try to really limit it. I also work 3 days a week and on my work days i often start early and finish late if needed but I consider my non work days sacred and refuse to check my phone or emails. I'm in a social work type role.

Changednamealready Tue 08-Oct-19 19:09:27

Interesting black. I can’t really work outside the hours on the day as have drop off and pick up of kids. I think I’m just going to have to try and be way more organised and assertive . I also really value my free time but ofcourse with the work seeping into that it affects my mood for the day/ even when I don’t do it I’m thinking I ought to.

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TheSheepofWallSt Tue 08-Oct-19 19:11:58

I work 4 days a week, but work most nights when my son is in bed and think about work far more than I should.

In a culture sector role, managerial position.

user1487194234 Tue 08-Oct-19 20:55:35

When mine were young I did 3 days and basically my work load stayed as full time
It was hard but I was very ambitious and in the end it paid off

Dandelion1993 Tue 08-Oct-19 21:04:51

I work in marketing.

Before I had my second od happily take work home to finish and would go through emails on my phone.

Now I've gone back after my second I've put a stop to it.

I've take my work email account off of my phone and never bring stuff home.

That's my time, not contracted work time. It just leaves you with no time to relax and enjoy family things.

I feel so much better since doing it and it's made me more focused when I am there.

Userzzzzz Sun 13-Oct-19 20:13:31

A lot. I was finding that I was getting up at 5 to do a few hours on my non-working days and then trying to work during nap times. I’ve now got two children and I just don’t think it will be possible. I think 3 days can be a curse unless you are doing something shift-related where you leave work behind.

skankingpiglet Sun 13-Oct-19 21:34:45

I'm self-employed and work 2 (sometimes 3) days a week. I generally have to squeeze in around 3 to 6hrs a week extra outside of my working days for admin, quoting, communicating with clients, and picking up everything I need for the next job. I find it really difficult as a fair amount of that has to be done with 3yo DD2 in tow and fitted around DD1's school hours, rather than just being able to do it in the evenings once they are in bed. DD2 is now very used to 'van picnic lunches': she is happy to sit safely in the cab whilst I load at various suppliers, as long as provided with a tempting lunch box... I used to use nap times which was much easier. I don't see any of the men having to juggle like this. Grrrr. Phone calls are a nightmare as I can never predict if she'll sit quietly enough that I can speak with the client. I recently had a poo-related incident during a call 😫

I was self-employed for a spell before DCs too and used to only book 3.5 days a week. The extra 1.5 days was always easily taken up with the admin etc plus allowed for any emergency unscheduled work or extra time if a job ran over. It worked perfectly and work rarely ate into my evenings and weekends. I don't feel I can justify doing the equivalent now due to childcare costs and parental guilt. I'm holding out until Sept when DD2 starts school!

Mammyloveswine Sun 13-Oct-19 21:41:47

I work 3.5 days and try to limit how much work I do at's hard though! I'm doing overtime this week which will mean even more work at home as I'm having to switch gym classes around to fit it in.

Countrylifeornot Sun 13-Oct-19 21:53:08

I work 3 days a week for the NHS and I do absolutely nothing at home. I have a good manager, I tell him I'm at capacity and that's it, I don't get any more work.
But I'm only a band 7, I'm sure if I was up in the lofty heights of 8c or whatever I'd need to be more available.

littleducks Sun 13-Oct-19 21:53:38

NHS 3 days over 4 (plus the extra) here, supposedly agile working hmm which seems to mean all the blooming time working.

Had a year covering maternity leave at job with no laptops just desktops actually at work. Was brilliant. Now its back to notes and emails after hours.

Elieza Sun 13-Oct-19 22:08:45

My friend works full time in the nhs and still takes work home with her.
I’ve told her before that they won’t hire any more staff if it seems like the work is being done but she says she wants her patients to get a good service from her work area and feels they won’t if she doesn’t do more. Unpaid. Meanwhile she’s exhausted. It’s not right. I say you log out of all devices once your day is done and that’s that. Do your work during the day to the best if your ability and be proud of what youve achieved. If it’s not enough consider how much less work you are allocated compared to full time colleagues. Is it the same? Wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

Gemma2019 Mon 14-Oct-19 08:20:56

I've always found that if you work 3 days or more you are tacitly expected to do a full week's work in that time. The only time I wasn't doing extra work at night and days off was the wonderful brief period where I had a job share with another person.

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