Anything I can do about a job I really want?

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Daisypod Tue 01-Oct-19 20:02:20

Last Monday I applied via email (the company asked for email applications) then on Thursday I rang to check they had received it as this is a job I really want and I had no other way of knowing they had it. The lady said she couldn't see it but they had had a lot of applications and they were about to start going through them. She said to send it again which I did, to the same address as before so I hadn't got that wrong. This time she replied to confirm it had arrived ok.
It's a very small company and the advert said they needed someone to start ASAP so I thought I might have heard something quickly but nothing yet.
My cv is a bit bitty as the last few jobs I have done have been contracted and when they ended I didn't rush to get another job so each time 6 - nine months gaps. I haven't had to work so it wasn't a problem. I do however need a job now.
I have got an interview for another job on Friday but I am not keen on it but I have to get a job soon.
Is there anything I can do to chase up this job without putting them off? Or if they have decided to not give me an interview could I ask them to keep me on file? They are a company in a field I really want to work in and the only one in our city so you can see why I am so keen!
I would really appreciate any advice anyone could give, especially if they employ people directly and can see it from their perspective.

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maxelly Wed 02-Oct-19 09:25:30

Tough as it is, I think at this point you've done all you can and just need to wait. The ASAP start doesn't necessarily mean they are going to invite people to interview really quickly, the person doing the recruiting may be disorganised or simply not available for interviews for a while. I know people that put 'start ASAP' on their job adverts as standard but by ASAP they often mean 'in the next few weeks/months' rather than they genuinely want someone in on Monday morning - to me that isn't asap at all but hey ho, they keep putting it on there!

As the lady told you on the phone they had a lot of applications, it will probably take a while to sift through them. If you haven't heard anything maybe by the end of next week you could ring or email in and enquire but any more than that risks being seen as pestering IMO. No harm asking if they'll keep your application on file and/or whether they are likely to have any other vacancies - although personally I only keep CVs 'on file'/on a reserve list when they've made it as far as interview and I know they are at a certain level, otherwise i'd just have too many. But as I say no harm in asking...

Def go to the interview on Friday and if you are offered it and you really need a job, I think you have to accept TBH (you might be able to stall them a bit to find out if you have an interview at your preferred company, but probably only for a few days max)

Daisypod Wed 02-Oct-19 15:05:53

Thanks, you are confirming what I already knew but was good to hear that ASAP might not mean to them what it means to me.
I have all the skill they require on my cv and I am available to start straight away so I was hoping that would make me quite desirable. Oh well just got to sit on my hands for now I guess.
The trouble with the interview Friday is that is is somewhere I have a lot of dealing with anyway so I don't want to mess them around.
Thanks for the advice

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