New job woes

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mitsi31 Tue 01-Oct-19 10:07:10

Since 2007 I have been working evenings cleaning a large office block enjoyed the work just not the atmosphere that certain colleagues created and how the company treated you was in there for 13 years
I've been wanting out for years due to this plus I wanted something that was durning the day so I'm home at night plus got more money for
I started a new job yesterday in a carehome doing the laundry which was overwhelming but last night after getting home I was like do I really want to do this. I'm off today as I've been up ill through the night.
Am I feeling like this cause it's new and different to what I'm used too or have I jumped the gun to quickly

Pros for last job
My days were free
Had weekends off
Get bank hoildays and xmas/new year off

Pay was rubbish
Staff were to bitchy

New job pros
Better money a month
Working durning the day (7.30 to 4.15)
In at night
Plus days off during the week (rotating shift)

I'll be by myself most days
Already messed up rota this week

Should I just be grateful I've got something better for the time being but still look else where or should I actually say how I feel even though it means being a bit emotional (iam so that type of person to cry felt It yesterday lol)

Or do i ask for old job back for the now (plenty of folk have done that )

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