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Applying for internal promotion

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Lushmetender Mon 30-Sep-19 09:21:49

My boss has asked me to apply for an internal promotion for a job I’m doing anyway. There is a week long deadline on it So what happens if others apply? The reason I ask is someone else is new to the team at same level as me. She is a bit miffed she wasn’t brought in at that the level above so I’m wondering if she’ll got for it? I find it odd she seems to know about it and she said to me in a conversation, i hope you get a promotion out of X leaving. Do you think my boss has spoken to her about it!

Rosere Mon 30-Sep-19 09:28:19

If it's a promotion opportunity I assume you have to apply for it so expressions of interest from all suitably qualified parties are requested?

Countrylifeornot Mon 30-Sep-19 09:39:33

Eh? If there is a job then anyone can apply.
Don't assume that because your manager mentioned it to you that the job is yours - is that what you meant?

TheSweatyPregnancy Mon 30-Sep-19 10:35:15

It’s likely your manager has mentioned it to the whole team... or at the very least everyone on your level, they will want to have as many suitable candidates to choose from as possible.

Even internal promotions will have some kind of selection process, it’s not just a case of because they have mentioned it to you it’s yours.

Lushmetender Sat 05-Oct-19 11:19:31

When talking to me it sounded like a done deal as I’m doing the job already. I was simply wondering what they’d do if my colleagues applied too or some else. Well closing date was Friday- guess we’ll see!

TheCatsACunt Sat 05-Oct-19 11:25:24

So what happens if others apply?

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed, and the most suitable person will be appointed, same as with any recruitment competition.

OP, I think youre a bit confused about what’s happening. Absolutely, it sounds like you’re in with a great chance and fingers crossed for you, but your manager has informed you that you should apply, not that you’re guaranteed.

Do as much interview preparation as you can. Make sure you’re treating this seriously.

I’ve sat on so many interview boards where an internal candidate has the best experience and should be a shoo-in but doesn’t take the interview process as a serious competition and loses out.

Lushmetender Sun 06-Oct-19 14:12:42

I guess we’ll see. My boss has limited line reports of which all are at that level other than me and two others; one who was promoted last year but has had some motivational issues as had unrealistic expectations on the pay rise they’d get. One other is new in the door but know she wants to be that level. She was the one who said she hoped I’d get a promotion out of the other team member leaving. Here’s to seeing what happens. Thx all

Lushmetender Sun 13-Oct-19 00:44:31

I got the promo!

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