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Any Single Mums Self Employed? Is It Worthwhile?

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scotgal2017 Sun 29-Sep-19 09:33:08

Having to look for work during school hours due to change in circumstances. I work split shifts in a breakfast/afterschool club and so my current employer has no way of changing my working hours to accomodate my new needs.

I've been applying for all sorts of jobs for the last 2 weeks and yesterday responded to a self employed cleaner advertisement. The company gives you clients etc but you are self employed. Anyone do this self employed work and is it worth the hassle of arranging/worthwhile? TIA

Kazzyhoward Mon 30-Sep-19 09:04:08

Depends on the hourly rate. Is it high enough to compensate for you not having sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay, etc? Time for you to research and complete/submit your own tax returns? Will it cover your travel time/costs to the various customers too? Don't forget you have to pay your own NIC and pension, and maybe insurance/materials/tools, etc.

My rule of thumb would be pay of 25%/50% more than the hourly rate for an employed person. So if the going rate is, say £9 per hour as an employee, you really shouldn't be doing it for less than £11 per hour, and more hopefully, the rate would be closer to £13/£14 per hour.

The "employer" is saving employers NIC, SSP/SMP, holiday pay, pension, etc., so there needs to be a premium to compensate you for loss of statutory rights.

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