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Looking to employ someone freelance

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Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 16:06:01

Hello, I’m looking to start up my own website advertising local events and information relevant to families in my local area. I’m a qualified journalist so the writing side of this I have down, I am not however a natural salesperson by any means. I’m looking to hire a sales person on a freelance basis to help me get up and running. I realise I’m going to have to get my website numbers respectable before anyone will be willing to advertise with me. Anyway, I’m wondering where would be good to find a freelance media sales person, and would I pay them an hourly rate or a commission for sales, and what percentage? Clueless about lots of things to do with this so please be kind!

Drabarni Sat 28-Sep-19 16:10:21

I think you'd need to look at similar jobs and what they are offering.
Will you pay a retainer, if the job is to be freelance, or will you employ someone different each time you need someone.

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 16:17:21

It would just be casual work as and when so no retainer.

23Squared Sat 28-Sep-19 16:38:05

Ok, so what platform are you using for your website?

How are you getting the info for local events? I would imagine a lot of it will be scraping and or contacting relevant people?

Re traffic, social media and SEO is key - if you are doing reviews type blogs then you can do instagram - use linkinbio or linktree or similar to send specific posts to specific blogs. If there is a blogging type element then use local pinterest seo - pinterest is massive for traffic.

Initially, you can monetize using google ads, then monumetric at 10K visits per month then mediavine at 25k visits per month. At that point, I would look to sponsored posts. You can use UTMs in your links to their event sites so that you show up in their google analytics - also track clicks out using various methods so that you can say I had this event for you listed free - look at your conversions to tickets sales - how about a sponsored post on my site as I have proven I can drive you traffic?

Any more questions, then let me know smile

Re hourly rate or commission - up to the freelancer. You advertise and ask their rates smile have a figure in mind of course, but as they are a freelancer, THEY dictate the rates, not you!

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 17:11:38

Thanks 23Squared that’s really helpful smile

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 17:12:25

I’ve found a site for freelancers called people per hour so I will probably start there once I’ve got my numbers up.

OtraCosaMariposa Sat 28-Sep-19 17:21:59

PPH is a good place to start. I am on the other side in a similar writing role to you and I would sound a note of caution.

You really need to specify that you will only accept applications from UK freelancers, otherwise you risk a deluge of proposals from people in SE Asia who don't speak English. Actually, you'll still get a fuckton of proposals from those people but it might cut a few out.

Second, you need to be really, really specific about what you want done. I scroll past clients who post briefs waffling on about optimising their website or increasing sales. If you don't know what you want, how do you expect a freelancer to know? Be specific about whether you expect freelancers to prospect leads by phone, email or both.

Don't ask for a freebie or "test" work as it screams someone who wants something for nothing.

And brace yourself for proposals along the line of "Hello Madam Lady, I very proffesional and grarantee super good job for yore kompany. I degree in English and right it very super."

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 17:23:22

I’m also very confused about adverts- let’s say someone agrees to advertise with me and agrees to a banner ad, how would I go about setting this up? I’m not sure what platform is going to be used for the website, I’ll likely use a web designer my husband has used before.

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 17:24:31

Thanks OtraCosaMariposa I will bear that in mind!

23Squared Sat 28-Sep-19 21:51:26

Re banner ads, you specify the size and they provide the graphic then you just insert it with a widget and link. Super easy.

I would recommend WordPress as it is easier to customise. (For website)

There are better not reliable sites than pph! I get my freelancers from and have no issues.

23Squared Sat 28-Sep-19 21:51:59

*more reliable I mean!

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 22:46:59

Thank you 23Squared much appreciated!

stucknoue Sat 28-Sep-19 22:53:31

I do freelance (not sales) and the norm for what you describe is either a set retainer or a set number of hours over a month, renewable by a certain date. You can do most of it yourself though. I went on a digital marketing course this week and it's so easy to use sites like Facebook for advertising and very cheap, no need to hire someone

Snowdropfairy85 Sat 28-Sep-19 23:39:55

Thanks stucknoue, something to look into.

Hoppinggreen Sun 29-Sep-19 13:04:14

I’m a freelance sales person. (although I do something slightly different now)and have taken on similar jobs. My advice would be
Pay a day rate or hourly rate with a bonus on top
Pay a good rate £10 ph or more or you won’t get quality
Focus on their results not number of calls they make
Get someone in The UK With very good English
Get someone who buys into and understands what you are trying to achieve

I actually think you could do it yourself. Very few people are “ natural” sales people, it’s mostly skills you can learn and nobody will be as passionate about your business as you .

Hoppinggreen Sun 29-Sep-19 13:05:53

I would also question your market. So many other people are doing similar that getting the revenue in will be very very hard no matter how good your writing is.

user1497207191 Sun 29-Sep-19 20:10:51

You need to review HMRC's rules on employment versus self employment. Google for their "employment status indicator" and work through it. You/your "freelancer" don't determine between you whether they're employed or not, you may find that they're your employee and that you need to operate a PAYE scheme, contract of employment, etc., even for occasional/ad hoc work. All depends on the exact nature of the work done and how it's done.

CreativeDesigner Thu 03-Oct-19 13:47:32


I've sent you a DM, please check your inbox. I'd be happy to work with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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