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Can I move - will I be considered?

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Stillrelevantihope Wed 25-Sep-19 18:17:44

Been in current job a long time but I've got itchy feet. But it's 4 days and I can't do 5 due to childcare, lack of family and lack of cover in the holidays
I was approached by a supplier for a job which I'd have loved but the geography is wrong. I couldn't make it work but it's made me realise I want a move. I've been unhappy at work for years really but put up with it as it suited my home life. But life is too short. I need s new CV but I'm scared I'll look shit. I've done 4 roles at current employer- promoted each time but gone nowhere since kids. How can I make my CV look ok- seen some scathing slaying of CVs on MN so I'm scared. And is there a 4 day market? Help. I've lost all confidence but the head hunt (if that's even a phrase now) made me think actually I can do more.

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HennyPennyHorror Thu 26-Sep-19 02:04:56

Oh God you're in a MUCH better position than many OP! I think you need to get a grip. You've been in one role and been regularly promoted. I've worked for my own small business for ten years! My CV is a list of (millions) of clients that I have to cull because my pages would be in the hundreds!

Now I want a job, employers are asking me "Why?" and I have no reason other than I'm getting older and can't be arsed getting new clients anymore as it's hard work! I just want a reliable income.

Go and see a career counsellor. There are independent ones out there. Don't be shy about posting your CV on here either...I'm a copywriter. I'd be glad to proof it...though I'm not a CV writer, I know what a decent one looks like. PM me if you like.

Stripypjs Thu 26-Sep-19 09:03:40

Thanks Henny. I'm very grateful. I should have said the promotions stopped years ago so I've been static ever since. I had a lovely dream last night I got a new dream job earning £95k with a free house. Then woke up. grin. I might send it if you honestly don't mind? I'm not ungrateful for my job but the atmosphere is terrible and various other things are bothering me and there's no way it will get better. A career counsellor sounds a great idea.

Stripypjs Thu 26-Sep-19 09:16:43

And regarding your situation I'd like to think an employer would "get" that sometimes being employed suits better than being your own boss - I'd hire you!

HennyPennyHorror Thu 26-Sep-19 10:57:44

I honestly don't mind at all! It's something to distract me from the mind-numbing work I'm doing at the moment! Any excuse is a good one! grin

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