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Annoying colleague stories

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strawberryslushy Tue 17-Sep-19 13:42:09

Just casually thinking about a colleague who started here a few months ago. She is probably about 15 years older than me and she literally tells everyone her life story and repeats this info to every single person. I know the most intimate details and honestly most of the stuff she goes on about just sounds like complete bullshit. She’s got no limits or personal boundaries she tells people everything. She then added me on Facebook... took my phone number... messages me when I'm off sick etc. She argues with her family constantly and to be honest I feel like she plays the victim but isn’t that nice. She’s just a pain to be fair. Her hygiene is awful and I try not to stay and chat for too long but she never gets the hint. I feel like she may have something deeper going on and comes across as a major hypochondriac. She has every illness going.. diagnosed apparently. She comes out with such crap it’s unreal. I think this woman just craves attention. She’s bloody irritating. I can handle her in small doses but im beginning to wonder why they hire people like this. Clearly she’s unprofessional and doesn’t know where the line is and not to cross boundaries.

That’s my rant over... does anyone work with someone annoying? Tell me stories

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LarryDuff Tue 17-Sep-19 14:00:55

God she sounds horrendous. My ex boss was about 10 stone overweight, didn't wash, was a racist, sexist bully and he used to book prostitutes over the phone in our open plan office. Absolutely disgusting individual. I had to work with him for about 7 years. Last I heard he'd bought himself a wife from overseas, poor cow.

strawberryslushy Tue 17-Sep-19 14:32:19

Bloody hell! That beats my story haha honestly I have so many awful colleagues I’ve never known anything like it in any other job previously. I’ve been at my current job for 2.5 years and I’m genuinely shocked that some of them still have a job. We have abusive staff, bully's, thief's... 😂😴😴😴

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Nifeandfuck Tue 17-Sep-19 14:44:07

In my old job:
> Guy who used to sit adjacent to me had horrendous BO. He sat next to a radiator so it was terrible in winter. In summer he used to have a fan going so he stink would hit you ever 15 seconds or so.

> Different guy used to disappear to the toilet at about 9:15am every morning and not return until about 11am. The men reported that he used to stink out the toilets. Our boss was too scared to admonish him because he was worried this guy might have a disability so the guy got away with it for ages.

> Woman from another part of the building used to heat up disgusting smelling food every day in the shared kitchen so the whole floor would stink for the rest of the afternoon.

> Two colleagues used to speak a different language across the desk all day. They didn't know I understood the language and kept a log of all the vile stuff they were saying about everyone. It was so satisfying when I took that dossier to HR.

> My boss tried to sexually assault me after persuading me to work late one evening.

strawberryslushy Tue 17-Sep-19 14:55:26

@Nifeandfuck oh my gosh that’s awful. The guy in the toilet was funny 😂 bet he was in there having a nap. Did you manage to leave the job with the boss who tried to do that to you?

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strawberryslushy Tue 17-Sep-19 14:57:54

Il add to the toilet complaints we currently have someone who literally has explosive diarrhoea every day... which isn’t the issue the issue is she leaves it everywhere!! Literally doesn’t flush or attempt to wipe up. We all know who it is but obviously no one will say anything 😣😣

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simplyredfan Sun 13-Oct-19 20:58:45

@strawberryslushy this person sounds exactly like someone who worked in my office up until 6 months ago. I don't suppose you work for a local council do you??

Nat6999 Sun 13-Oct-19 21:10:21

We had a disgusting man worked in the first office I worked in, he was not just scruffy, it was worse than that, he had green pee stains down the front of his trousers & shiny brown skid marks on the back, he wore nylon shirts that stank of sweat, his teeth were green & had never seen a toothbrush. I can't ever remember him wearing anything else for the 15 years he worked with us. He used to visit a massage parlour twice a week & regularly spoke about the "extras" he had. The women he used wanted a medal.

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