Should I end this before it begins?

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Ballacre Mon 16-Sep-19 08:09:59

I am building a portfolio of part time work. I applied for another job earlier in the year. I was interviewed for the job in February and, after references and other checks were completed, I was offered a contract (sent by e-mail) in March.

Then, there was no further communication (despite tentative enquiries) until June when a new manager phoned me and said the work would probably begin in September. The manager explained that the previous manager and the HR person dealing with applications had left the company.

I arranged to meet the manager in late August to discuss further details of the role. However, I had heard nothing by late July, so I sent a friendly e-mail just checking that everything was OK for the meeting and received an e-mail from another manager, stating that the new manager was on sick leave and that he would meet me instead. He asked me what the meeting was about and I explained.

A day after the meeting, which was helpful, but brief, I was invited to mandatory induction for two days 100 miles away from where I live. I do not drive, so travel costs were significant. The induction was fine, but it could probably have been delivered in half a day.

I asked about reclaiming travel costs and was assured this would be done. I submitted my claim.

A week after the induction, I was invited to another meeting, again 100 miles from home, to meet other new starters. At the meeting, we discussed the details of the job a little more. Again, I submitted a claim for travel.

Then, I was asked to contact several potential clients to arrange my work with them. I received nothing more about the clients except where they were based and their e-mail addresses. The clients all have additional needs.

I e-mailed the manager and asked if I could have the contact details of the people who had worked with the clients previously, so I could know what had been done before and perhaps a little more detail about what to do in the first meeting. I have received no response.

I am also concerned that travel to and from the clients' bases will not be paid and this, again, would be a considerable cost to me. They live about 20 miles away, but on public transport, this can be quite a bit out of a low wage.

I realise, I may just be experiencing initial work anxiety, but I do not want to start work with these vulnerable people and then find out, I really cannot carry on in practical terms. Nor do I want to go into a meeting with the clients with no idea about their support needs (it is a support role).

I feel that I have a little information about the job role in general terms; no information at all about the clients except where they are based; no real line of communication and some questions about practical issues around transport costs. Should I 'resign' from this post before it really starts or should I give the company a little more time to communicate with me in a meaningful way?

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