Is my job trying to make me quit?

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Geminiwitch22 Mon 16-Sep-19 07:34:39

Just a little background, I work in the community and I'm a single mom, I work every other weekend some upto 10pm every Friday night and every other Saturday. I worked extra shifts when ds was at his dad's. I explained to work I was exhausted and it's why I was making mistakes they didn't like that. I've now got another meeting in a group (I say group out of 12/14 people only 3 including me are in this meeting). And I have a supervison (read lets complain about their life and not really help me other than to give some strange advise that doesn't help).
I've asked what annual leave I have left as im part time and though it says I'm allowed upto 28 days off in my contract I've took 11 including what ive booked. I've attempted to book more time off but it's met with silence so it means no. I've emailed the right person to ask and got no response. We had a lot of people off the other week and I feel really under appreciated. I had a quiet meeting with my MD when none of the managers around about how I was feeling and that I feel that I'm the "goto" person for calls to be covered when either they have other plans. My MD said to write an email send it to her to check and she'd get back to me. Then I would send the email to everyone. What makes this worse is I know she showed this email to my line manager. I'm not looking forward to this supervision where nothing positive comes out of it I just feel worse like I mess up and that it never gets better.
This meeting this afternoon will be the same so yeah not looking forward to going to my office. I hate it because I feel like nothing good ever comes of it.

Sorry about the rant

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