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Any cleaners? Tips please

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tadpole73 Sat 14-Sep-19 22:56:12

I'm thinking of being a cleaner for residential properties, but working for myself. Any tips from existing cleaners would be greatly received ie: how to charge, what products to use, cleaning regime, advice on business, insurance/tax implications, any multi-tasking tips, anything you do that you find helps etc
Thanks in advance

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SamBeckett Sun 15-Sep-19 02:44:23

I do not work as a private cleaner but I do work for a growing company ( gen specialist cleaning )
we offer three brackets of cleaning products ,
Traditional Ie fairly standard but well known products
Special ; higher end products
Eco , environmentally sound and allergen safe products .
we then price accordingly. We do get quite a few wanting a combo of each but we have to be firm it is one or the other ( otherwise the pricing is impossible )
It may be easier for you to start with just two ranges .

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 15-Sep-19 03:25:15

My cleaner gives one price for bringing her own products, and one if the client provides.
For new clients he always has a site visit and agrees tasks/frequency/rate in writing plus over and above charges such as changing bed linen.
She's 100% reliable and expects the same in return. If you don't pay for the previous clean she won't do the upcoming one.
She's utterly wonderful and has changed my life.

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