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Employer wants a meeting

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ELLAalfie1908 Wed 11-Sep-19 09:46:33

So I've been off sick for a couple of months, I've regularly emailed work throughout updating them on my progress/appointments. They havnt responded to any. They have emailed me asking to come for a meeting to update them what's going on. I'm still on sick pay and I'm still covered by my sick note. They want me to go in this week. I asked if they can wait as I have physio this week and have a doctors appointment, and next week I have a scan and another appointment so maybe it's best to do it after all that so I can actually tell them more as right now nothing has changed so theres nothing to update until I have results. Theyve just replied and said can you come in Monday then because we need to know what's going on. The thing Is I've been constantly updating them with no reply. I've already told them exactly what's going on. I've sent them letters with my appointments on to prove I'm attending hospital and gp and physio. Theres nothing to tell until after I've had my scan and got my results. Why are they so urgent to see me all of a sudden saying it's to update them what's going on? I've already explained I dont know everything myself and told them what I do know. Does anyone have advice? Do I have to attend this on monday? Even though my scan isnt until wednesday and doctors friday? Why cant they wait? Are they firing me? , and if they do can I ask for illness compensation in return of signing a disclosure not to go down the unfair dismissal route? They havnt tried helping me back to work or anything and I've been there over 2 years?any advice much appreciated as I have no idea where I stand. Thankyou

Finfintytint Wed 11-Sep-19 09:52:53

They are probably implementing their sickness management policy.
You don’t necessarily need to go to them though, you could meet at a neutral location.
Why do you think this would be unfair dismissal?

feistymumma Wed 11-Sep-19 11:07:12

When I was off for a long time I had to attend one of these meetings for them to start planning my return and whar support they could put in place. Have you been referred to occy health?

ELLAalfie1908 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:36:43

Hey, no I've not been referred to anything. They say they "need to know what's going on" and that's the reason for the meeting. But they should know what's going on I've regularly emailed them with supporting evidence. Theyve not replied! Just suddenly demand I go there. I've told them I have appointments etc this week and next so cant I go in after all that and they say no come Monday? , so it doesnt seem to be procedure or I'm sure theyd of explained that its procedure and they want to discuss return? , it's like their expecting me to drop everything and go in?

NorthEndGal Wed 11-Sep-19 11:41:21

What have you got to lose by going in?
Maybe they haven't been recieving your emails, they might be going to a spam folder or something.
Just go in, tell them what was in the emails, confirm you are checking in the right way, and remind them you will have more results soon.

Mabelface Wed 11-Sep-19 11:41:34

I'm off for 6 weeks post surgery. I've a meeting with work next week (4th week) just to catch up, and this is normal. However, they're coming to me and we'll meet in a coffee shop near to my home. All very normal apart from the insistence that you go to them. Check your sickness policy.

Newmumma83 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:45:36

I have visited people at location of their choice when on long term sick.
Have you been providing sick notes too?
I would call your hr and see what the policy is around long term sick , you may be able
To request You meet where suits you.
Can see what a difference a few days make sounds like they haven’t been doing their job in keeping in touch with you.

We’re you meant to call them to advise of sick notes / additional time off each time a note was written instead of email or was that agreed beforehand? Try not to worry but get the info in advance x x

Ilikewinter Wed 11-Sep-19 11:48:14

If you've already been off for 2 month im surprised they havent arranged this meeting sooner, where I work we do home visits after 4 weeks. It sounds like they are started their absence procedure, they will want to know how long you think you may be off for and what they can do to help you return to work, you can also ask them about the absence policy so you know what happens when.

I dont understand your comment re "getting illness compensation" is your illness a result of an accident at work?

ChangeItChild Wed 11-Sep-19 12:00:04

This sounds pretty standard tbh. And I'm surprised they haven't requested a meeting sooner. Do you have someone who can attend the meeting with you?

WineIsMyMainVice Thu 12-Sep-19 17:33:19

It’s perfectly normal for employers to want to see you. Most absence policies will state this. Just go along with all your facts and appointments (even though you’ve sent them in the past) and see what they’ve got to say.
They won’t be about to dismiss you - otherwise they should have given you fair warning of this and offered you the right to be accompanied at the meeting by a colleague or union rep.
Good luck and hope you get better soon.

swingofthings Sun 15-Sep-19 13:30:47

it's great you've updated them, but they might want to ask specific questions and it is a lot more professional to do face to face than by email. Why do you feel treated unfairly when they ask to meet after 2 months off?

It doesn't have to be sign of anything bad but it's fair they might have questions to ask.

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