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Animal Nutritionist?

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coffeeebean Wed 04-Sep-19 11:46:22

Hello all!
New here so apologies if this is entirely in the wrong place.
Looking for advice for DD
She is currently at university studying (and doing very well at) a degree in Animal Science
She has her heart set on working in animal nutrition but isn't really sure where to start! I left school at 16 with less than a handful of GCSEs so way out of my depth here. I imagine it is quite a niche industry to get into so just wondering if anyone here can share similar experiences/advice on getting started as a graduate?
I don't know anyone working in the animal science sector at all so at a bit of a dead end as to what to suggest

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randomsabreuse Wed 04-Sep-19 11:52:06

Research the companies that make the feeds - there are fewer than there are brands. See which ones cover the mix of species she is most interested in. Then stalk their websites and careers pages.

Be aware that she may well be competing with disillusioned vets for some of the roles- it's an obvious outlet for the many who leave that profession disillusioned by prices, working conditions and employer attitudes...

coffeeebean Mon 23-Sep-19 19:09:38

thank you! will pass that on x

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