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Ex-colleague/friend "can't talk to anyone right now"

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concernedfamily1 Tue 03-Sep-19 22:55:54

My colleague, who I had known for 6 years before they took the job but hadn't really seen, was dismissed on Thursday.

I texted them straight afterwards and they read it and didn't reply. I texted again on Sunday to say I hope they were okay and that I would love to keep in touch because she was a very dear friend - No reply.

Tonight she has replied: "I can't really speak to anyone at the moment ***, I hope you can understand. If it's ok I'll be in touch when I can ?".

This is very formal for them - is it possible they're going for some legal advise/perusing and they have been advised not to talk to me or shall I just give up?!


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JoanieCash Tue 03-Sep-19 23:12:18

Yes. Sounds like they have been advised to have no contact with other employees whilst it’s being handled. They’ve left the door open and you could reply “yes, understood” or something similar that doesn’t draw them into conversation. Am sure they will explain all down the road and wait for them to get in contact.

EttyG Tue 03-Sep-19 23:33:09

Yes, when I was going through redundancy I had to sign a non disclosure agreement and then I also had a settlement agreement which also had a non disclosure clause in. I don't speak to any ex colleagues now as I'd be worried about letting something slip and it's not worth the trouble.

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