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I'm looking to start home catering business, any help appreciated.

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virginpinkmartini Mon 26-Aug-19 10:07:46

I'm not looking to start an off the books yummy mummy Facebook business, I want something above board and legitimate, even though the amount of commitment I can offer is borderline hobbyist i. e one event a fortnight to begin with.

I was hoping to start off small by catering for friends/ word of mouth. What expenses should I expect to incur in terms of legitimising myself, and would it be worth it considering I'm not looking to start all guns blazing? I have a qualification in Professional Cookery, currently work as a chef and have 10 years general experience in food preparation, so am very up to speed with food hygiene etc. Would like to know what challenges to expect regarding inspections, certifications and general Mnetters experiences trying to make a bit of pocket money this way. Thanks in advance

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