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Does a stress-free job really exist

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anxiouscookie Wed 07-Aug-19 15:30:08

Well I'm looking for anyone who can answer this question! Personally i work in a very fast paced environment - I travel into work with anxiety, I leave work with anxiety, I'm talked down to and belittled to make me feel like I'm not good enough even though I work my ass off, I sometimes struggle to sleep at night thinking about work etc etc - so does said 'stress-free' job exist?

InDubiousBattle Wed 07-Aug-19 15:37:16

It depends so much on the person I think. I worked in a call centre for years and didn't find it particularly stressful, others found the stress unbearable. I've also run my own business which was stressful, but in a manageable, almost positive way.

InDubiousBattle Wed 07-Aug-19 15:38:37

Posted too soon. It sounds like your working environment is absolutely awful op. Do you like the actual work?

anxiouscookie Wed 07-Aug-19 15:48:35

@InDubiousBattle yes very true! I'm generally an anxious person but I feel like the level of stress that's put on me at work makes it so much more worse to the point where I feel like I can't leave because they make me think I'm crap. I really enjoy elements of the job, and it does bring me joy (well it used to!), but I feel like it's the people that make me hate coming in every day... I just want a job where I wake up and can't wait to come in everyday. What job does that 😫

Annon11 Wed 07-Aug-19 15:50:39

This is similar to what I just posted.. I feel so down and anxious , even when I sleep I an stress dreaming about work sad

anxiouscookie Wed 07-Aug-19 15:52:03

@Annon11 I feel your pain, such an awful position. I want to burst into tears most days and struggling to keep up the facade. I'm seeing a doctor next week, amongst other things, I want to talk about my stress levels!

RosaWaiting Wed 07-Aug-19 15:52:11

I have anxiety too
I do t think stress free jobs exist but you certainly sound like you’re in a stressful job for anyone really.

cheeseandcrackers Wed 07-Aug-19 15:52:26

I think there's a big difference between a job that is stress-free and one where you can't wait to get to work every day. It seems unlikely that you can get the latter without any degree of stress at all, unless perhaps you can't wait to get your work because of the amazing people you work with rather than the job itself

anxiouscookie Wed 07-Aug-19 16:04:20

@cheeseandcrackers hmm very true. About a year ago/18 months I loved coming into work. It was great fun and everyone was so nice and genuine. Now it's a bit of a shit show. A few redundancies were made last year and the company generally has gone very sour. But I'm still sat here wondering why they treat me so badly instead of trying to keep me as I've been so committed - I'm the only person at my level who's been at the company more than 2 years.

SkiingIsHeaven Wed 07-Aug-19 20:26:38

Work for the council.

Not accountable for anything, no need to make money, don't need to find clients and great pension = stress free in my book.

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