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A question for those with a home baking business

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SavagelyGardening Sat 03-Aug-19 16:24:32

I want to set up a little cake decorating business from my home. I've looked into what I need to do but it says your kitchen will be inspected. It says floors need to be fully sealed and watertight and bed to have two sinks (can include sink in downstairs loo)

I have a gap in the tiles at one side of the kitchen and I don't have a downstairs loo, so my question is, will they just give me a low rating but still let me do it, or will they say I can't do it until these items are rectified?

Thanks for any help x

SavagelyGardening Sat 03-Aug-19 17:39:33

Need * to have two sinks, that should say

DonPablo Sat 03-Aug-19 17:41:26

I'm going to pm you

DonPablo Sat 03-Aug-19 17:47:11

I'm having phone problems. I'll msg you later

SavagelyGardening Sat 03-Aug-19 17:59:26

Thank you

DonPablo Sun 04-Aug-19 07:47:59

Pm sent smile

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