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AIBU to apply for a new job?

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PurBal Fri 02-Aug-19 15:30:58

I left my old field around a year ago and took a significant pay cut to essentially take a sabbatical and explore a different field on an intership-type basis. After the internship ceased I decided it wasn't a career path I wanted to dive into but wanted to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry. I was approached by the CEO and was offered a admin job that is (marginally) better paid on a temporary basis of 6 months. Another department (in a different office) is advertising for an administrator in what I assume is the next band up. At the moment I'm in the best possible place to get noticed, getting to know/meet senior people etc. If I do decide at some point to train in this field then where I am is the place to be. And I guess they kind of did me a favour creating a position for me but... this other job would pay significantly more (closer to my pre internship salary) would probably be more challenging and is walking distance from home. I've only been in post a week! If I did apply then my team would know so it's not something I can be discreet about. Unfortunately there's not a company in the same field in my immediate area so that's not an option.

If I’m reading this right, then the current job doesn’t pay brilliantly but gives you good exposure for future opportunities, but the advertised role pays better and might be more interesting in the short term, but without the longer term growth.

In which case, you need to decide for yourself what’s more important, what you’re paid now (and can afford to live on) or what you want for the future. I’m afraid only you can answer this. If you decide on the former, then go for the new job.

If I’ve read your situation correctly, and your current role is the one with real longer term potential, then if it was me I’d stick with it.

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