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Omitting current job from CV?

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NewUsernameSameMe Thu 01-Aug-19 21:21:08

I'll put lots of background as I'm an anxious, over-thinking rambler scared of drip-feeding. I live in a small-ish area with a not-huge applicant pool for vacancies. I was made redundant whilst pregnant in autumn 2017. I was pretty much at the start of my career, working in admin/finance whilst studying accountancy and progressing well. I was only around 4 months pregnant when I was made redundant and was not able to secure another position due to my pregnancy so decided to stay off work until after the baby, although this meant that I would either have to return to work sooner or have a larger gap in my CV. I had always planned on going back to work full time within a year as we didn't think we'd be able to afford me staying off any later but eventually realised we could comfortable afford for me not to return, alas we would not have any spare money to save for a bigger house, holidays, cars etc.

When baby was around 4mo I started looking at jobs simply because it had been around 1 year from stopping work and that is the typical length of mat leave. I just wanted something flexible and part time so that I didn't have a huge gap on my CV, and as such a got a job as a receptionist in a salon part time; it was evenings only which is why I went for it as I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my baby in the daytime.

I'm now looking at returning to work and I feel like my current job being on my CV is holding me back from the types of roles I am applying for. I completely understand that often the mat leave itself is off putting to recruiters, but I know from a few comments that my current job makes me look less competent when applying for the types of roles I am capable of.

Would it be odd or unprofessional to leave my current job off of my CV, as I do not see it as part of my career as such? I would probably mention in interview if it came up that I was currently working part time (1 day per week) just to help out. Also, would a longer (almost two year) mat leave be more off putting?

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RainOrSun Fri 02-Aug-19 17:12:27

I'd put it in, but not at the top ie dont put everything in chronological order.
So, start off with thecreleventcstuff, and add atvthe bottom the transferable skills you've had from your most recent job.

Good luck!

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