taxation if you`ve a freelance work

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ansea30 Thu 01-Aug-19 10:08:13

hey everyone!
I`ve a remote job, i mean I`m a freelancer and we think about moving to Europe, may be in England. We havn`t diceded it, I`ve a many tax important bloggers pay a taxes? if i withdraw cash from an ATM and spend money every week, i mean i`ve not regular and standart work, i work at home in the Internet

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Hollywhiskey Thu 01-Aug-19 10:22:31

If you're self employed you need to complete a tax return each year. You have to save your tax as it's not being deducted from your earnings and you won't want a surprise bill.
You will need to keep accurate records of your earnings from all sources (including cash) and can deduct legitimate business expenses. This then gets put into your tax return.
If you aren't confident doing this I would suggest you get an accountant to help you which needn't be expensive - some of my colleagues do it and would charge a couple of hundred depending on the quality of records you provide (higher price if you provide a carrier bag of receipts, lower price if you provide spreadsheets of income and outgoings supported by invoices, receipts etc) and it would save you the risk of getting in trouble with HMRC.

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