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Do I have a case?

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Paigeplus3 Mon 29-Jul-19 20:06:48

Basically I cut my finger open on glass at work due to people not doing there job properly, quite bad to the point it went through a vein, the first aider didn't bother to help at all, and the first aid room was a disaster I couldn't even get in there and there was no eqiptmemt to help me.
I was taken to hospital and recieved treatment, since I've had to have a tetnus jab that has made me feel awful, plus 2 more doctors appointments booked in to sort the dressing out.

This is the second accident I've had at work due to people's negligence, I want compensation! It's the start of the school holidays I can't go swimming with my children I'm finding it hard to even do my daughters hair, I can't wash up or even wash my own hands.
If you was in my shoes do you think I have a good case or am I being totally stupid?
Can my work sack me for making a claim? I don't plan on leaving as its my only income.
Sorry for the humungus message

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HappyHammy Mon 29-Jul-19 20:13:15

Sorry upuve hurt yourself. Have you spoken to your manager or h.r. did you or your manager complete an accident form at the time and have you taken photos and kept any paperwork. Speak to your union of you have one. You're not being stupid as you might get some compensation but you need to prove it was negligent. Are you losing wages.

Paigeplus3 Mon 29-Jul-19 20:19:17

Apprently they couldn't find the accident book, so I had to go into work the next day to fill it in with a manager.
A manager has already agreed that the glass should never have been there it's procedure in our store that any broken glass should be placed in a box sealed and clearly stated broken glass, this was left on a table. I have a picture to proove it was just randomly dumped.
I haven't lost any wages yet as my shift pattern means I had 4 days of after the incident.
I do have a union, I should give them a call really @

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HappyHammy Mon 29-Jul-19 20:25:56

that sounds careless, do all the staff know how to dispose of broken glass properly? I would definately get in touch with your union rep and write everything down as you remember it. I found this link for you, it might help.

HappyHammy Mon 29-Jul-19 20:29:29

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