Accountancy - where to start?

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Fridaynightin Mon 29-Jul-19 16:25:54

I'm hoping someone with experience in accountancy can tell me if I'm being ridiculous! I'm looking for a 'career' change and have always been interested in business and finance so this seems like a good fit but I have no relevant experience (I used to be a teacher in a humanities subject). I've had a look around and think I could start with ACCA Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills and progress from there?

However, I believe I need relevant experience in addition to qualifications to be able to really do anything and this is where I'm getting stuck. I am self-employed and usually work from home and would ideally prefer to keep doing so long term. Realistically, I won't be looking for a full-time job (and both my location and lack of experience means that I probably wouldn't get one anyway)! Is there a way around this? Or do I need to start with something else, with a view to setting up a business for myself in the future? Bookkeeping?

Thanks in advance for any advice (and sorry about the essay!)

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Kazzyhoward Tue 30-Jul-19 20:20:21

No, there's no way around with the ACCA - you can't "practice" without a practising certificate and can't get a PC without your work experience being signed off by a suitable qualified accountant. That means you're limited to book-keeping, payroll, VAT returns and management accounts - you are prohibited from preparing annual accounts or tax returns for the general public. You'd need to be employed by an accountancy practice or find an accountant willing to supervise and review your work.

Have a look at the institute of book-keepers and the AAT (accounting technicians) instead. From what I understand, they have different rules re "practising".

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