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Working from home UK based

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MissLL Sat 27-Jul-19 17:44:13


Just wondering if anyone has a genuine work from home job based in the UK, I have been a manager in retail/customer services for most of my working life but would really like to work from home part time after my maternity ends so I can still look after my LG .
Don't mind a bit of retraining/learning

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Kaiylee Sat 27-Jul-19 18:57:57

You need to figure out what area you can/want to work in first of all.

I'm a freelance writer. I have 3 regular jobs and take on occasional side work. I found my main work by trawling the net for reputable sites offering jobs in my area of interest. I then applied for anything I was capable of doing which paid.

I got a crappy job in a big company and I've been able to prove myself and move around within the company to get to a different job I really love which suits me. I then have 2 another much smaller regular jobs that go alongside it.

Kaiylee Sat 27-Jul-19 18:59:39

One of my other jobs came from finding a site I wanted to work for and keeping an eye out for when they posted a "write for us" ad and applying.

EmmaC78 Sat 27-Jul-19 19:00:08

I have seen a few home based customer service type roles recently. Call centre type work but logging in from home.

WhoKnewBeefStew Sat 27-Jul-19 19:02:19

Yes I do. I'm a service manager/service deliver manager for an IT company. I do some travelling into the office now and again and in customer site once every fortnight for a day. The rest of the time is home based.

PrincessMargaret Sat 27-Jul-19 19:03:44

WhewKnew, I guess you are not looking after a baby at the same time though?

tillytoodles1 Sat 27-Jul-19 19:04:23

Have you ever worked as a Travel Agent? If so, there's loads of homeworker jobs going.

WhoKnewBeefStew Sat 27-Jul-19 19:07:40

princess no I'm not, although I have two dc (12 & 7) I manage my work around school times. Work before and when they go to bed if needed

MissLL Sat 27-Jul-19 19:53:36

Thanks everyone , really appreciate the advice , I honestly don't have a preference of what I could do just something part time from home , I'm open to anything that works for me around homelife

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Lwmommy Sat 27-Jul-19 19:56:46

Any work from home job will require you to have your child in childcare though. I have a work from home (most of the time) job and cannot have my child here while I'm working, my employer does not allow that.

WhoKnewBeefStew Sat 27-Jul-19 22:03:42

I agree with the above poster. Regardless of what you do, it would be nay on impossible to work with a LO around. I can manage it for a day or two with my 12 yr old, as she can amuse herself and goes out with friends. I couldn't do it for weeks on end, and my 7yr old goes into childcare as it's not fair on her.

I'm afraid you are concentrating on the 'at home' and forgetting the 'working' bit.

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