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daffodilbrain Sat 27-Jul-19 23:37:04

Gosh thanks Maxelly, hope to a produce a draft version tomorrow I/v thurs will let you know how i get on

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maxelly Fri 26-Jul-19 13:44:50

Tough one, that is quite a broad topic they've given you. How long have you got? I think I would try and identify 3 key points of either really good skills/experience you bring to the role or things you would be able to achieve (perhaps related to particular challenges or opportunities you know the company is facing), then structure it as:

-Short overall introduction in which you lay out your key points (tell them what you are going to tell them) so e.g. Hello I am daffodil, today I am going to talk to you about how as an experienced widget maker with a particular expertise in quality control, I will develop the widget making service and earn the organisation £1billion extra profit, through a 200% increase in widget production, a focus on quality control leading to 100% reduction in waste and a diversification into the exciting new market of thingammies.

-Then a short introduction to yourself, your key qualifications and relevant experience and skills so e.g. I am a chartered widget maker with a masters degree in Widgets from the University of Wherever, I have 10 years experience in widget production and a special interest in quality control. If you have any particularly great examples or achievements you want to mention here you could do so but you might want to save them for the interview part.

-Then a section for each of the 3 key points you identified at the start, trying to weave in not only what you are saying you will do in the role but also evidence and examples of where you have done that in the past, e.g. 'Within 3 months I propose to increase widget production by 100% through the introduction of a new widget manufacture system. In my last role I managed the deployment of this system in the Fidget department leading to a 200% productivity increase'

-Then finish with a short conclusion in which you repeat the 3 key points (tell them what you've told them).

Even if there's no projection/screen in the room, I would definitely make hard copy powerpoint slides and hand them out (not loads, maybe 1 or 2 for each key point), they can act as your notes so you have something to refer to and gives you confidence if you don't have time to cover every single point it's still there for the panel to look at later. Unless you've explicitly been told not to that is!

Practice your timings, and then practice them again. And again. You'd be really surprised how many people can't stick to a simple instruction to talk for 5/10 mins only and then run out of time. I suspect it is mostly down to nerves, but it doesn't give a great impression of how well prepared they are or give confidence they could be trusted to present at an event where sticking to time is crucial. Plus also we can't score them properly if they've only answered half the question or got really flustered and missed lots of their points off. I personally prefer a slightly flatter/more monotonous delivery, e.g. someone referring frequently to their notes if that means they make really good well structured points than the more flashy and engaging person who seems to speak off the cuff but doesn't cover everything they need to (except for the rare positions where being a good speaker is more important than the content)... so don't worry about that too much. Although I do think the more confident and practised you are with your material the better you will speak. Normal public speaking advice about deep controlled breaths, managing your pace and tone etc apply to!

daffodilbrain Thu 25-Jul-19 21:05:22

I've secured an i/v for a promotion at work. I have to give a presentation on what I would bring to the role/organisation. Any thoughts on how I should structure the presentation and headline topics/areas to cover (PowerPoint/hard copies only) it's a panel interview.

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